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    Hi from Canada

    Welcome! From Vancouver here 👍🏼
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    How to turn off R7-SpeedCam overspeed notice?

    This has also annoyed me. So much that Ive recently turned off the speed camera option.
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    You have a Mazda CX-5 and an R7? What settings work?

    You’re a very intelligent man @Maz3 🙌🏼
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    AntiLaser on GTI MK7.5 install

    I have a MK7 Golf myself with a front and rear setup. Never been hit in the rear yet though. Go 2 Rx 1 Tx up front. pm me if you like 👍🏼
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    2021 MK7.5 GTI TX under VW Badge?

    Shine a flashlight through the emblem and let me know what you do or do not see. I highly doubt it’s some sort of IR transmitting material like Perspex etc.
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    2021 MK7.5 GTI TX under VW Badge?

    I did this, but my emblem has no sensors behind it. You'll need to cut a rectangular notch out of your emblem, or if larger, can be covered with perspex. It won't transmit through your emblem. Be sure to have a clear line of sight for the Tx head, and pretty critical that it's level and pointed...
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    MagSafe wireless charging car mount

    Just on Amazon. Tons to choose from. Some are better than others though.
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    New ALP install on a 2015 F02

    Not necessarily! I’ve done an install similar to this with the tx head in the same location and it tested great. Best to test regardless of course...
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    Mercedes PL3 Falsing?

    I get Truspeed falses from Mercedes sometimes...
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    Official Highway Radar iOS app development thread

    Oh this is going to be awesome! Huge thanks for taking the time to work on this!
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    New update for ALP per Feb 9th.

    Updated this eve and did some really quick testing. Working well Curious to also test the older Tx heads and see the improvement! :) Thanks @BestRadarDetectors for continually having our backs and making sure we stay protected!
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    New update for ALP per Feb 9th.

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    Vancity Testing January 30, 2021

    I know both @Maz3 and I were on ALP FW 5.6.4. I can’t recall all of the others off the top of my head though.
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    Vancity Testing January 30, 2021

    I found it interesting that on my Golf (which has a small front end) with heads spaced as per the general recommendation goes, that I’m getting edge PT’s on the outer edges of the headlights below a certain distance, without any loss of pro mode tone or solid LED inside the car which would...
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    Vancity Testing January 30, 2021

    Probably should say 30kmh as thats the minimum ALP with GPS will be active at. So you were totally fine. We didn’t trigger until after you had reached that threshold.