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  • Hi Mike,

    i broughf a CR90 about a month ago but I don't seem to get alerts until the last second when I'm about 100ft away from a cop. I was wondering if you could help me adjust my settings. I live in NJ
    Dear Mike,

    I've recently caught the Whistler radar detector virus and I think you caused it.

    I've ran radar detectors off and on for about 25 years (mostly off) and a couple of months ago I bought an XTR 335 off EBay for $18. It was the best radar detector I have ever owned, until I bought all the other Whistlers since then.

    I think a lot of die hard detector enthusiasts do not fully appreciate that Whistler can and does manufacture and sell an honest, usable, quiet, modern detector for less than $60 and for either $140 for the CR 85 or $30 or so more for the CR 90 they get a detector that in the real world is eight tenths of $400 and $500 detectors in performance and arguably better in display, appearance, and ease of use.

    But there are those of us who do appreciate the work you do and the products.

    A Whistler Fan,

    Van B
    Hello Mike,
    Well I purchased a CR90 few months back and i think i have a problem. The Ka band which is supposed to be the strongest is really weak and other bands seems to be performing better. I had one instance where i was behind a police car with his radar on and as soon as he made a right turn the detection just stopped. Most of the times i do not get time to slow down because the range of the detection is like 0.3 miles thats all. I posted this on the forum and guys said before buying another product i should contact you. If i send you the unit can you please have a look at it and tune it?
    I am in Michigan and Ka is the most used band here. I have no filters set and all i hae changed from the original factory settings is TSFR ON and SWS POP to OFF.
    Thank you
    Greetings Michael, I read a post which recommended contacting you in regards to issues with Whistler radar detectors.
    I purchased a Whistler XTR 695 a number of years ago. I made the mistake of never registering the product, although I still may have the original receipt buried away somewhere.
    Up till two months ago the detector had been working perfectly and then all of a sudden it stopped working upon being connected, neither lights or sounds starting.
    Your help or advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks Dan
    Mike, some people have pointed out that the whistler SE series will purposely emit a 35.5 signal on the menu setting as a test signal. How does it do this in actuality. Is it a harmonic derived by running the band scanner at a certain freq. or does one of the l/O actually run near or at this very high frequency range ?
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