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    Why Are The Speed Cameras Still Functional & Other Virus Related Stuff

    I finally got my first camera speeding ticket last week. 37 in a 25. The camera wasn't even up on waze yet. I added it myself for future alerts for everyone, but damn I feel like they are putting them up during this crisis as well.
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    Best Firmware?

    I personally loved the R3 on 1.31. I felt like it was "hotter" on 1.31 and I didn't want to upgrade but the auto volume and auto dimming features that came with 1.37 made me stay with 1.37.
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    Encounters from my NY to ME Trip

    I miss Queens. Use to live there until I got married last year. But a van backed up and damage my grill already since my altima is low relative to vans and I had that replaced. Bumper protectors won't help. I need a brick wall!
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    Encounters from my NY to ME Trip

    I know right! I wanted to get ALPS but I currently rent in Bronx and parked on the road. The amount of times people damage my bumper is ridiculous. Right now it's even cracked and I refuse to fix it cause it'll just happen again. So I figured I'd hold out until I get a driveway instead of having...
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    Encounters from my NY to ME Trip

    I have no ideas about the guns. I don't have jammers. I only saw them windows down shooting. Sorry!
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    Encounters from my NY to ME Trip

    Just returned from a trip from NYC to Portland, Maine. I never did the drive up to Maine before but man, I thought NY was bad, you guys got it bad in New Hampshire. I'm briefly in NH on the trip maybe 30 mins to go and to come back and when I was heading on I-95N, three state troopers all on the...
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    NY LLH Law To Go Through Senate

    Here is the article posted by a fellow RDF member: Also, idk if this works but why not try. If you support the bill, you can vote here on the NY senate website. I encourage you guys to vote!: NY State Senate Bill S3860A
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    NYSP story, must listen if in NY

    Well they got to catch me first! RDF has taught me better than that sarge has taught his officers :rofl: . Knock on wood***
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    NYSP story, must listen if in NY

    A whole lot of evidence. Why not try it, I have nothing to lose. Also, no wonder NYSP love I/O, cause of this guy...
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    Comparison wanted - R3 (1.37) vs R7 (current) - K band reactivity speed

    Well you never go back with technology, only forward! I'm sure they will come up with a firmware revision in the future with the bugs ironed out. They have been outstanding thus far.
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    Comparison wanted - R3 (1.37) vs R7 (current) - K band reactivity speed

    Why are you on 1.48 or 1.50? Is MRCD a threat in your area? If not just go back to 1.37. I'm still on 1.31 just because I don't currently need the extra bells and whistle's and I know my detections are strong. If you don't need the extra features, just go back to 1.37.
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    N.J. Study Reveals Need For Higher Speed Limits

    I think the I-95 in Jersey should at least be 75 or higher. This past weekend on my way from Bronx to Edison I was literally cruising at 90 MPH. The road is too straight.
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    Unmarked Vehicles NYC

    I was on the bus in Manhattan last week going cross town on 86TH street, saw an unmarked blue 2019 Lexus RX 350 on call. He was flying quick so I couldn't get a picture. Looks like NYPD's budget got raised!
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    NYC - Extended Hours / Days for Speed Cameras

    I always thought these were 24 hours. Never knew they had working hours. Who knew!
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    My R7 has poor range on Ka band

    I mean a 1/4 mile in Jersey isn't bad from my experience. We are lucky if we get a half mile in the northeast. Doesn't matter if the highway was flat, there is usually heavy vegetation on both side of the highway, concrete overpasses and if traffic was light, 1/4 mile sounds about right. Also...