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  • BTW: MOST Detectors are suffering this unintended consequence !! IMHO I think the Elusive V2 was sent back to the engineering drawing board because of theemerging CAS / BSM K Band falses.My V1 got too DISPLAY NOISEY (on v1 driver and YAV1 both).In the year 2017 the DFR7 and XP SPOILED US to " LEO AWARENESS " vs Situational Awareness.When the XP, RPSE and DFR7 go off it is MOST LIKELY a LEGIT STALKING LEO !!
    Radenso/Michael/Genovo re-tooled the Algo's on the KA FILTER NORMAL ... If you do not have to run KAFILTERNORMAL to quiet RPSE, Know Perf HIT is not that severe, so it can used.
    I REALLY do Like the RPSE !! The TINY TINY size and the OFF-Axis shots are Phenomenal in Real World Situations. !! The Jury's still out on My RPSE Vs R3 ... sigh.

    Just in Chattanooga 34.7 Stalker is Nasty and Yes they use Many K Band Units ! 24.199 I think ...
    The XP is BAR NONE !!!! MOST UNDER-RATED QUIETEST DETECTOR I EVER RUN period !! I kinda kept it for a FULL MONTH b4 I returned it back to @ bossdad71. The
    My R3 just as noisey on K Band Falses as RPSE. Last week it has quieted down immensely (( RD Gods L0L )).stomping grounds changed to a less wealthy area. My RPSE settings are--AUTO City x9,K5 (k4,k3) , KA0 25 80 KA NARROW K NARROW TSR LOW in Suburbs TSR HIGH on Interstates cause the [email protected] Semi CAS Systems K Band Falses. Usually the Falses are a quick blip K3 / k4 on Semis until right beside them then K7 K9.
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