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    3 RX Heads vs 2RX/1TX Coverage

    Since there have been enhancements/updates with ALP in the last year, is it general agreement that 2RX/1TX is better than 3RX? Haven't found anything current that adds to the last thing I read about a dedicated TX being that much better against newer guns (wth the 2 RX).
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    Factory Reset for Older V1? No Radar Detection

    Thanks all for taking the time to respond. I should have mentioned in my original post that I already have a V1 that's current. I was just trying to see if there's something I can tinker with on this one before sending it in.
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    Factory Reset for Older V1? No Radar Detection

    I got ahold of a used cheap V1 that pulled firmware "0137" telling me it's pretty old. But it's not the case style that had the laser receiver as a little dot on the right side of the face. Cosmetically it's looks like new. It detects laser fine, powers on fine with the normal tones. What...
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    Is this a Redflex?

    Seen those too...mainly around construction sites. The one I saw looked like this one: IP Mobile Security Camera TOWER * 3x Solar Panels 570W * 6.5m / 21.3ft Mast Tower * 3x IP 3MP Bullet + 1x IP PTZ 20x Optical Zoom Speed Dome Cameras + Hikvision NVR * Single Axle * Trailer...
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    Presenting The RDF Geographical Survey (Version 1.0) - OUTDATED

    Anyone know where that survey matrix is stored and if it's still updated? Trying to see what threats I'll encounter in my next trip.
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    CPU Speaker Died- But LI's still Jam

    That's a great story! Kudos to all the creativity! During my ride I actually thought about those instructions to add an external speaker...I think what I'm going to do is just rely on my V1 to alert to a laser hit. It happened on my trip and I instinctively shut off the LI's despite no...
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    CPU Speaker Died- But LI's still Jam

    Just sharing for the other LI holdouts out there. In the first 30 minutes (of course) of a 14 hour round trip road trip, I noticed my speaker sound quality garbling a bit. I turned the system off then on and then now there was zero sound at all (i.e. no "parking aid is deactivated"). So I...
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    And a discount for old model trade-ins! :)
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    LI 8.20 versus 2018 guns

    Roger that thx
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    LI 8.20 versus 2018 guns

    Hey just curious do you mean, you did not make a single run successfully or you didn't test? Being one of the other LI holdouts, I was curious to see a recent test run against various guns.
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    LI 8.20 versus Dragon Eye

    Exactly....the key word is "IF" I got hit. I know the threat around me and my travel routes. Although I'm a CM fan like everyone else on here (which includes ALP et al and the technology itself), I'm not a big enough ALP fanboy to pull the trigger on the purchase since there's no need to...
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    LI 8.20 versus Dragon Eye

    That is a possibility. But I think it's also within reason to think that I got enough functionality out of the old LI's that I slowed down enough to get below the threshold. Timing (and distance) are huge factors and yeah, I may not be so lucky if I'm in the IPT range. It's not a matter of...
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    LI 8.20 versus Dragon Eye

    I recall reading or being told that results for the LI 8.20 versus Dragon Eye are likely in an elevated forum above Intermediate. Who knows when I'll have access to that. But since LI's are considered end of life, perhaps someone can just PM me and tell me what the results were. I'm 90% sure...
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    New Lidar in Overland Park, KS- Possible DE, not just PL3

    I'd hate a ticket too. A ticket is what prompted me to get the LIs way back in 2008 or 2009 (I recall about $275...and the last time I think I got a ticket). Based on my travel routes, I just don't see an ALP as an urgent purchase just yet b/c they work. Yeah, if I get nailed by a newer lidar...
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    Connection to Sensor X are Poor Bad- Temperature Effects

    Thanks Andrew. I've read that same info in other posts so I know what's coming eventually. I just posted the info above to see if anyone noticed what I did\ with the temps. Concur with you as well about the tester only testing functionality...which is why I test with my Prolaser III. Yeah...