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    256GB SD advice for A129Pro Duo

    That's the exact card I use in my A129 and no issues ever
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    Does anyone set their LID time to infinite?

    I've never ran anything except unlimited
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    Sold/Ended eBay: Stalker RLR

    It looks mint and a steal of a deal. If anything is wrong with it you will get a refund
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    Vancouver to Calgary this weekend

    Next to no rear lidar here. I've had 2 rear saves in nearly 6 years. Trip wise, lots of Ka the entire way, and tons of laser close to Revelstoke and again around Lake Louise. Be careful coming into the city, the cops are setup at 16th and Stoney 99.9% of the time. Really pay attention to the...
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    HW1 & HW2 --> HW4 CPU Upgrade Pricing

    Both of mine start with 45 and I doubt us canadian's will have any upgrade option. FML :(
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    Canadian Pricing for RL360C

    Looks like a standard Canadian markup to me. Only AUS/NZ typically beats us
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    The V1G2 is so good....

    The V1G2 is hands down the best detector I've ever ran. If it's making noise, it's for a reason. When paired with JBV1, i'm not sure there's a better combo.
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    Voltage Meter

    Take your voltage on the battery terminals when the vehicle is running. That's the only way know the actual output voltage. JBV1 tells me 13.04V but my voltmeter tells me 13.9V
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    Have you purchased a new V1 Gen2?

    I love this thing. Paired with JBV1 it's as quiet as a mouse. 100% V1 fanboy. It also hides really well haha
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    Have you purchased a new V1 Gen2?

    @SilenceDogoodNinja has lent me his for a while. Paired with JBV1 it's probably the best detector I've ever used. It will be replacing my Net Radar DSP's as it seems we arent getting a screen for the ALP's anytime soon
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    Drove for 10 hours yesterday and dont have much video??

    I have the same issue. Last time i tried to pull a video i discovered it wasnt recording for 5 days. Just hit the "REC" button periodically and make sure its recording. It also seems if you don't format often it overwrites new footage instead of old
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    Lasering at Night

    I have many, many laser saves from between 9PM and 5AM. It's much more deadly at those times too imo
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    How come this detector is not on here.

    I'll take you up on that. The fine print has nothing with what you're asking for :)
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    Vancouver to Change School & Playground PSL to 24/7

    Literally nothing. They never would have caught me if they tried so I found it quite comical as well, I haven't seen it this year at all though
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    Vancouver to Change School & Playground PSL to 24/7

    Yup. Last year I was hit with laser on my ebike along the Bow River in Calgary. It was 2 peace officers shooting a PL4 lol