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  • If you hold the middle button and then turn the unit on it will display the firmware version before start up.
    Where do you experience the falses? Country road or downtown in a city?
    You can set the minimum speed for radar alerts at 20 or 30 mph. That means that radar alerts will be muted but still displayed.
    You can also use the lockouts to lockout a known false. You can set 2,500 lockouts!
    And of course you can set the city filter. I would not set it higher than 5 since you want to receive advanced notice if a cop is using K band.

    Let me know how it goes

    Yeah ide hold off on the RPSE until it gets more refined with future updates. Besides the MAX 360 i also have the Uniden LRD950 which is also a great plug and play RD. It still has the manual lockouts, but for the price its a killer RD. Like i said on some thread here, if i didnt get a crazy deal on the 360 ide have two of these 950's for sure.
    I just sent you an e-mail with the recommended settings that should work best for you.

    And EL is Escort Live for your phone of choice... should have probably asked this whole question in public so we could have had this whole mine is better than yours conversation there :)
    That is EXACTLY why I got the RPSE for my "bitchy" ehrr opinionated GF !! Quietness high end detection !!
    Depending on whether you are traveling in poorer areas Like Alabama, Mississippi, etc Some poorer depts still use X
    USUALLY RUN x band off.
    AUTO CITY SPEED LIMITs 20 40 NO ALERT AT ALL 20mph and below (if set AutoCity) at 40mph The below settings are applied ...
    City LEVEL X7, K5, KA0 ((70% Filtering)), K5 ((50% Filtering)) KA0 (( 0% Filtering ))
    SPEED 30 Minimum Speed b4 alert NO ALERTS AT ALL if below 30mph --- Choose your speed.
    TSR HIGH ****** TRY TSR LOW ---- first the Blind Spot Monitors BSM/CAS will false on K band altho RPSE does filter 90% of these ... 1 may get thru
    X-band OFF (if not used) ONLY will be used in EXTREMELY POOR AREAs VERY RARE !! 20 yr old tech.
    K WIDE
    GPS Detections off (speed camera, user locations) RLC on
    Auto City 25-45
    x5, k5, Ka0
    Pop off
    Auto-lock is an Escort patent that other companies cant use. With the RPSE, you have to manually lock out the falses by pressing buttons on the RD itself. Im not sure which ones but do a search its there somewhere.
    Hi, It's been, and is the quietest ride I've had so far.... That said, yes I like it very much. Everybody bashes it for some reason, but, I like the idea of built in GPS, lockouts, user upgradeable firmware and seems like those upgrades work too. Pair that with EL and Waze, and I've been postponing ALP system.
    No problem, RPSE doesnt have autolock but im sure you know that, either way it will be a great choice. Plenty of info on here so ask away. What state are you from?
    Yes i like the 360, for a simple plug and play it cant be beat. Escort is really pushing out the updates on this RD.
    Yes, it will have the latest firmware and database uploaded. Use coupon code "rdforum" which will take 10% off the shopping cart and grants free shipping...:)

    it wast too hard for me. There are several good threads in the V1 Yav1 forums about setup and sweeps. Windstrings can help with any confusion.
    Hey. Im near south OKC. Im using V1 with YaV1 on a dedicated droid phone. I dont know much about the Radenso SE other than what I have read on RDF. I love my V1. with the arrows and YaV1, multiple bogie tracking and customized sweeps and muting, its realatively quiet and badass against our #1 threat here in OK... 34.7.
    You can call 859 803 6413. I.myself am out of the country until Friday but my associate can help you with the order.
    The RPSE is pretty much plug and play. No phone pairing necessary. Thanks

    I have been extensively running in my DD Daily Driver and bought one for my GF ! Many saves !!
    The KA is on PAR with my REDLINE Stew TESTED HOT!
    I am running the RL and the RPSE RADENSO Pro SE the detection is almost as good AND the FILTERING BSM (blind spot monitor) and CAS (Collision prevention system) is VERY good !!

    The RPSE a solid performer catching thosse tricky angle shots (off-axis and very hard to detect) it can be set to almost completely quiet down so YOU can TRUST THE ALERTS !!!!
    I have to turn RL K band OFF or it drives me crazy w falses.

    The RADENSO is NOT SMALL it is TINY and can hide in plain sight !!
    i JUST LOANED MY RPSE to another member here gapi because " I just could not force him to rely on the ESCORT 9500ix on the interstates from Ga to FLA !!"

    I could have loaned him the LRD950, REDLINE, or V1. I chose the RPSE because I felt he needed the protection until his RPSE arrives tomm.

    You decide .... but I love and more importantly trust my RPSE !!

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