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    MX-5 Miata slow?

    I am on my 3rd Miata - they are not fast when compared to many new cars. They will never outrun most in a straight line. They can be driven hard on the road though and are more fun to drive by a longshot than the other sports cars that I have owned - I never could push them daily. Anyone can...
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    What is a great used first car?

    I have owned several Honda Civics, Del Sol's (Civics), Mazda Miata's and Acura Integras- The Japanese 4 cyl's are very hard to beat.
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    Highway Radar v2.4: Open API, better arrows, and more

    Love the App - Thanks!
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    First post on the forum - Potentially ambitious project

    This is one of the reasons that I went with a NetRadar - there is nothing to see.
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    Uniden R1 sale.

    I have one in my (rarely driven) Suburban and love it. It has amazing range and is perfect for occasional use & travel IMO.
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    Close Call on I-20 West Monroe w/R7

    State Troopers use it on the interstates. I have been hit on 49 & 20 multiple times.
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    Close Call on I-20 West Monroe w/R7

    That's a Trooper in one of the ghosted/unmarked units. Denham doesn't have very many vehicles, no chargers that I have ever seen and is in black/whites. DS is not as aggressive as Walker -
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    Close Call on I-20 West Monroe w/R7

    I think that the guys on O'neal are the CBP task force guys & dope task force guys. BR is a hub for illegals with 10/12. They actually set up a little after 6 AM most mornings. They are never running radar/lidar. I don't think that Denham has lidar and I very rarely see them on the...
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    Close Call on I-20 West Monroe w/R7

    Coming in on 10? Just as likely a CBP task force or WBR sheriffs looking for dope. The black Chevy Truck is an unmarked and is usually seen with a car that is being stripped on the shoulder. They are almost never running radar there and I have never seen them shooting lidar. Same thing on...
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    Close Call on I-20 West Monroe w/R7

    Troopers sit in the median and on the shoulder of the interstate all of the time with the radar off. IDK what they are doing (reports?), but that's where they seem to sit. When they are working, you don't generally see them unless you are using CMs.. 1594588529 IDK if I have ever run the...
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    Issue with ALP'S. Hoping for some help...

    My 4wd Suburban can shut down 30mph in far under 4 secs. Is there a vehicle that can't? And if so, do you really want to be running +30? Seems like a saftey hazard. As far as variables - hit the brakes and let the system do the shutting down if you can't do both at once. Practice hitting...
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    Issues after update

    I went online on the phone, changed the settings and downloaded a new file after I hit the reset/memorize button and there was no change? Do I need to download a file to a USB and start over?
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    Issues after update

    1) the system thinks that the GPS antenna is disconnected. Nothing has changed and it's all internal wiring, so that makes no sense. I hit the "reset defaults & memorize sensors" button, downloaded my profile from online, but that didn't help. Suggestions? 2) it sees X band constantly even...
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    BT stuck in City Mode

    As always - Thanks! 1568328042 Yep, user error strikes again. All better. Thanks again.
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    BT stuck in City Mode

    Would you mind telling me how to re-enable the radar? F/R non-DSP.