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  • New here also from SC. You seem very knowledgeable looking at a max 2 or uniden r3.. Max2 is on sale at the local BB, however r3 seems like the most popular right now. Any suggestions, what do rec for around here?
    R1 is the better unit. R3 has GPS and Red light camera database, and K band lockouts. If K band is used in your area, then R3 is probably the better choice. K Band is not used in California so R1 is the way to go.
    Thank you for organizing this meet. I prob won't have my install complete in time for jan, but for sure will by March. Any chance of someone in so cal doing a test?
    Hey man, long time no see! Hope you're doing well back at Cali. Looks like they've given you the keys to this mad house hehe.

    Hello! chakeubeam suggested I reach out to you. I'm new to the forum and NorCal. Looking for a new RD as I used to drive with an x50 but the LIDAR falses were bad enough that I took it down. 3 tickets, 3 years and 1 new car later I've decided to get back into the CM game. I have one post with all my info in the sticky-n00b thread. I would really appreciate any assistance you could offer and hope I can repay the favor someday.

    I've run both Redline with V1 and saw a minor amount of interference. I believe that K band interference will be worse, but I am only running Ka 34.7.
    Hey, have you ever done a video of running a Redline and a V1 together on your test course? Would be nice to see how bad the Redline is hindered when running a second RD in the vehicle. If you haven't already done this test and would entertain the idea, I could send you mine if you are in need of a V1.
    Sorry. I was not paying attention to my post and I screwed up your post. Sorry bout that. Tired and depressed over blinders.
    Feel free to delete the quoted stuff from me if you wish. I've deleted mine. If this is intermediate level talk then it's gonna be a long haul down here in the noOb ranks.

    i much to learn....prefer the discussion at a higher level....including the learning stuff ;)

    I know I know....I must be patient ;)
    Hi again, Im doing the update on my bliknder 905 and im wondering where and how to find or get the voice? I searched and still have not been able to find anything on this..also i posted some new pix of the sensor heads and i hope they are going to be good there.
    Thanks again,
    I posted a thread in Escort forum asking for best RD for my situation. One of the users suggested contacting you because you are very familiar with my area. I'd paste link to thread but I'm on my phone. I live in Reno. Travel to San Diego and Vegas occasionally. I am often on 395, 80, 15, and 5. Work also tends to send me traveling to locations in the middle of nowhere. I am deciding between a Redline or Max (or redline with escort live).Although most of my driving is within city if Reno, it's outside of Reno on the desert freeways I am more concerned about.

    If you have any feedback I would find useful, I would appreciate it.
    I saw you where toying with buying a TDI. If you check out show off your install I just posted my picks of my install on a 2012 TDI LI Quad
    Hi there, saw your reply back to me in reference to testing in SoCal. Let me know when your group meets up next. It'd be nice to meet some fellow Jammer folks.
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