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    Beeps @ Startup

    I'll try and catch it. I think my dash cam is slower to boot but we will see. Thanks
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    Beeps @ Startup

    Yes but that's a different sound and its happened when nothing was close. Thanks.
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    Beeps @ Startup

    I run RX,TX, RX front & rear, HiFi Control set, silent startup. It's been trouble free for several years and saved lots of bacon. At random and only a couple times now it will beep loud at startup and when I press the power/mute button it beeps twice, press again it beeps once, and get Red LED...
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    FYI Lidar Hits Active Again After a Couple Months of no Activity I-75 Between Marietta & Adairsville

    Going South in the noon hours and North after 9PM on I have been seeing activity again after a couple months of nothing. Monday night Cobb sitting in the I75 I575 split, , Tuesday night Emerson shooting dragon eye off the overpass tested my Rear Rx Tx Rx. Tonight Prolaser III from the left...
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    Why is the TX Sensor not available in Australia?

    Blah Blah Blah...................... What about the original question?
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    Video: Radenso Theia Development Update

    Meh, the thrill is gone now, losing interest. My R3 is paid for and doing fine, very few falses, greatrange. Drive it daily in and out of the Atlanta areas. Waiting for the "possible" anti-climatic details now. Like -too expensive, big, not loud enough, horrible R3 like type Ka ramp up, buttons...
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    TMG or ALP

    I'm in the same area, and because of this I run RX, TX, RX heads front and back. Cobb Co has set off my rears multiple times. All saves so far. Edit: I did not state my answer to the question, ALP.
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    Video: Radenso Theia Development Update

    I want to see the new tech of course but no anticlimactic, not loud enough at full volume, and poor ramp-up like other brands. I wait.
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    Where to mount al priority gps unit?

    My truck unit is under the dash with no issues.
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    ALP Ownership Information

    Long Live ALP. I remember when Lidatek went under, I felt like a refugee, lost and without. I still have a set of their LE30 sensors on my truck. Too lazy to remove them. I run RX/TX triples front and rear on two vehicles for a reason other then the threats. THEY WORK!
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    Happy New Year

    Same to you and yours.
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    R7 Questions

    My last video in real world shows a full tilt for more than a mile.
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    R7 Questions

    I'll give it a shot.
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    R7 Questions

    It was a heck of a lot more progressive than my R3's.
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    R7 Questions

    Yeh, if you want to compare without doing a controlled test with a gun operator at the same distances and conditions, the next time (if ever) you get a LEO running CO, or even IO, go back and park where you 1st get an alert and try them one at a time. Keep in mind the cars passing you and...