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  • FYI... I received my new RP on Monday 6 Mar... still experimenting with it, however I have gotten some pretty impressive hits on Ka-band (confirmed by LEO's)... I'm pleasently surprised with its sensitivity on Ka-band . My early impressions seems to indicate that it may be a little better than my XP on Ka-band, which is remarkable considering it lacks an LNA!.. I really like the size, quality, amber display etc. I wish it had the option of All Voice Alerts off (coming in the next update). I am concerned about the testing results on the new bata firmware as I'm not reading very encouraging posts so far...
    Thanks for asking! Yeah, I'm alive. Life, ya know - I haven't been able to spend much time in the saddle or checking up on what's going on here. I just have to "hit-and-run" some of the highlights here and get back to it.

    I hope you and yours are well!
    I did talk to Michael and ordered one with the member discount... Again, appreciate your input and advise, additionally I THANK YOU for your Service to our Country!
    Fred (aocsgil) Aviation Ordnance Senior Chief Retired. :)
    Great... sounds like the RP is a good match for me, as we have mixed terrain. Mostly Ka (33.8 and 34.7) mixed with K-band here... Additionally, the RP ought to be even better with the upcoming update. Thanks again for your time and input!... Fred
    No... I did not receive your previous msg. Don't know why?... cause I did receive this one :confused:.

    Thanks anyway, I appreciate your time... Fred
    Hello Duke295... Sorry to bother you, but I'm thinking of buying the Radenso Pro and I have read some of your posts on this detector. I like the off-axis detectability aspect which I think is a plus. Can you tell me your experience with straight away detection with Ka as well as K band? In your mind how does it compare with the R-XP?
    Finally... I really don't care about speed or red light cameras, however I do appreciate low speed muting...

    Thanks for your time and expertise... Fred.
    so I noticed you enjoy working out. I started a few months ago. 30 minutes treadmill, and then lift weights for 20minutes. havent had any luck losing weight, but I know it takes time.
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