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    Columbus, OH VASCAR

    Unfortunately this type of countermeasure against aircraft vascar is difficult to implement and be reliable. If you use a public flight tracker app or website, beware most have a delay some as long as 15 min. I have put some thought into this approach. To do it realtime you need to be running a...
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    DFR7 firmware on LRD950

    Does anyone have a LRD950 and a Smartcord from the DFR7 to try. I am interested to see if led works properly with the DFR7 firmware loaded on the LRD950 hardware.
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    WOW! Waylens Horizon dashcam for the driving enthusiast

    I came across this new dash/actioncam today. It looks like a very high quality product. 1080p/60, 720p HFR & Slomo, Bluetooth BLE & Wifi, 260dpi oled display for preview and auto gauge use, Customizable overlays with realtime data from wireless OBD-II port. Wireless remote and much more...
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    Adding a DIY Laser Rx Fiber question

    Just a few things to think about with your DIY approach. From the photos above it looks like you are using TOSLINK cables. Toslink uses plastic instead of glass which causes a high attenuation of the optical signal. If you look at the specs for TOSLINK i believe it is 5-10m max length, that...
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    Firmware Update Blackvue 650GW and 650S

    Has anyone else burned up their blackvue branded sd card since the 2.005 update?
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    DFR7 firmware files not available

    I was wanting a line of communication for a dialogue to help shape the features and functions as well as alpha/beta test firmware versions for community feedback. This is what Tom is doing with other vendors. Also our own (RDF managed) firmware collection and not links to unidens files which...
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    DFR7 firmware files not available

    When we look at the LRD950 there were functional differences between the firmware versions. Since the older 1.21 release did have some benefits, you see people purchasing additional detectors to use the updated firmware for different environments. I guess purchasing multiple units is good for...
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    Radenso XP specification details

    So is the XP going to be a North America only product?
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    Net Radar and Stinger VIP vs 33.8

    Playing the devils advocate, there are so many different variables that can affect the performance, detection and range of a radar detector. Before condemning the Stinger or any other RD we should have the forum members who have participated in a testing group repeat a previous test scenario.
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    Radenso XP specification details

    Why not use a white Oled with colored inserts to match the automotive interior that the unit is installed in. It would be easy, just have people select color insert at time of purchase or after sale.
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    VASCAR live view (free)

    Wow, this is pulling data from everywhere and its not filtered. I was tracking N717HP (Ohio Highway Patrol) circle around an area for the last 15 min. I had a PCAS XRX/MRS unit for an alternate CM on my wishlist. This website will do the trick, Thanks nhdriver !!!
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    DFR7 Firmware Version on release?

    Just wondering if the DFR7 has newer firmware and RLC DB compared to the LRD950?
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    Net Radar (Dual Antenna) KA Band Alert

    Hey Vortex BestRadarDetectors Don't you think we should go ahead and create another forum group for Net Radar, associated accessories and action figures videos.
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    Net Radar (Dual Antenna) KA Band Alert

    All 1200 horses of quad turbo heaven under the hood with my Mickey Thomson fatties and glass packs. Worlds most thrilling sleeper... Exhilaration kinda like the weird grin/smile when you drive a Tesla from 0-130+mph. Except with all of the thrill of the acceleration is the realization its a...
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    Net Radar (Dual Antenna) KA Band Alert

    I think my Yugo is to small for this remote radar antenna