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  • Hi Stretch

    Can you please send me or post disassembled pictures and dimensions of the reflector parts and bolts you used for the detector?
    What were the parts procured as far as their names or how they fit on a bicycle? I tried to search but am not finding any suitable parts as per your pictures. Really appreciate all help.
    Hi Stretch,

    I was checking out your post re:

    [h=2]Lrd950 mirror mount for FREE[/h]
    I had a couple of questions....did you have to drill a hole for the mounting screw into the 950's mount? If so, what size? I also assume that you had to come up with a bolt and nut to fit the hole....that would not have come with the reflector mount's hardware would it? Thanks for your help, I'd like to make one of these myself!
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