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    V1G2 Firmware version 4.1027 Released (2021.10.18)

    Easy to update and so far for me it seems and I say seems that it has a better sense of urgency as well as a better distance, will post some video as soon as I have some proof.
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    2.9.20 released

    Thanks JB
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    Tom newbie using JBV1 + Valentine 1 Generation 2

    Welcome, Great set up
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    R7 users

    Welcome love my R7
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    Where should I mount my uniden r7

    Blend mount for me : )
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    [POLL] How many have a dedicated phone vs regular phone for apps?

    I use a Moto tablet as my extra, run Waze on my phone (Apple) and JBV1 and HR on my tablet.
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    2.9.18 released

    Thanks JB
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    2.9.17 released

    Thanks again
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    2.9.16 released

    Thanks JB you are incredible.
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    R7 vs R7BLK

    Love my R7 and R3's no issues
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    Ferius is paying out of pocket for US to use his app. Come on people, support him!

    PM'd Ferius, count me in, I only use Paypal or Venmo so will work with him on a donation.
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    2.9.14 released

    Wow sweet, Thanks JB
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    2.9.12 released

    Thanks JohnBoy I love this App