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  • Hi!

    Just received an R3 with serial 8A0001xx and saw that you had mentioned you had problems with one in the same serial range.
    Could you tell me what issues you were encountering? I will still test it myself, but would be great to have something to focus on.

    Thanks a bunch!
    Would u post please the link to the RJ 11 to Barrel connector that u posted on the RDForum? I have been looking all over amazon and cant find it. I'm sure I am not the only one that would appreciate the link or part number.
    Thank you
    Thanks for your reply - I'll keep you posted for sure!
    In the meantime, I ordered the the new Radenso visor mount (from their website), because the blade appears like it would fit the 950 as well.

    I should hopefully have that visor mount by the end of next week, but if I'm not satisfied or it doesn't work, then I'll be purchasing the same Whistler mount as you mentioned.
    Did you order yours through the link below? (buyradardetectors.com)

    *fingers crossed on this Radenso visor mount.

    I was hoping that you would be able to provide me your feedback on the Whistler visor mount, that you're using with your Uniden LRD950.
    (I believe this is the one you have)

    I recently purchased an LRD950, and would prefer to have it mounted up high on the visor, instead of having it stuck to the windshield.

    How has your experience been with this visor mount, even though it's not made specifically for the LRD950 ?
    Are you still using it, or have you found a better alternative, and how much does the detector shake around while mounted to this Whistler mount? Any other concerns that you have, or suggestions would be much appreciated!

    I just want to make sure that it works well before I make the purchase to have one shipped out to me.

    Thanks for your help!
    Talk you soon,
    None. This is a first. I've done testing at close range on Unidens, but with other copies of the detector. This is one that I ordered just because the price was good and I figured I might as well and it's been mainly sitting around. :)
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