Just a college kid. I have a motto: WWS- work, workout, school. *not in any order*

RD's, dash cams, working out, car stuff, sports, instruments, police scanners, outdoors/nature

*Co-creator of NNJCTG! The NJ RD testing group! Bringing you real world tests*

-Please check out our tests/results in the "countermeasures testing sub-forum"-
Northern NJ


Escort- 9500ix(sold to a friend)
Escort Redline-"Diamond"- Ka only- 2/5/6/8- BS/RDR(off)
Beltronics Magnum-"Lucky"- WB LNA- Ka only- 2/5/6/8- BS/RDR(off)
Beltronics- Stir-O "The Original"- Ka only- 2/5/6/8- BS/RDR(off)
Uniden- LRD950- "Re-united" DFR FW(1.00)- K/Ka- SOLD
Scanners: Uniden BCD-396XT, Uniden- BCT-15X(borrowing Insipid's)
Dashcam: Blackvue DR-450: 1CH-1080p(with GPS)

Testing CM's: Bushnell Velocity K-band Radar Gun(24.11x)