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    Stoplight 0-60 fun in the GN!

    I still have a Beltronics Vector FX performance computer. My fastest 0-60 before last turbo upgrade was 3.6 sec back in 2006. That was a few days ago!🤪 I need to start playing with the FX again.
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    Stoplight 0-60 fun in the GN!

    Your Boss 302 is forged isn't it? You could make a shitload of power with a turbo 🤪.
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    Stoplight 0-60 fun in the GN!

    I took the GN out from underneath the car cover. I ran a few errands during the day. I asked my son (18 yo, HS Senior) if he wanted to go for a spin. We picked up some denatured alcohol for the alky injection and its time to play! Not a great video, but the boy filmed it on a whim. No power...
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    Some More Texas Radar Tactics

    Well....I think Sheriffs are on a different agenda. They wear many different "hats" in their function. Traffic enforcement probably isn't in the top of their list. Our former Sheriff only ran radar units in our "Canine/Drug" units. A Deputy told me that the Sheriff didn't want to focus on...
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    Some More Texas Radar Tactics

    I don't think so. DPS, County Sheriff's, Constables, Game Warden aka "Texas State Police" all have jurisdiction. Only Local Police Shouldn't be to far outside there city limits.
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    Some More Texas Radar Tactics

    LPD uses 35.5 (usually C/O) and still has a few K band Tahoes running around. LPD motos have 35.5 and use Ultralyte laser guns. I've seen Tahoes running laser, even at night! Lubbock County Sheriff's run 34.7 It's usually C/O. I've been hit 2X with laser this past week by motorcycle cops.
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    Pulled the trigger in Texas.

    You'll mainly see 34.7 with some occasional k band. I don't see much k band but it's there. Randall county has lasalaser, it's there. Safe travels.
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    Name this RD

    I hear that detector get free admission to all red & blue disco parties!
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    Symphony of someone's destruction!

    The GN was actually GM's first vehicle to use SEFI. Sequential electronic fuel injection. It was high tech for the 80's 1604936015 Ya, the IROC's are starting to come on in value! I love my cars, but they are also rolling 401k's. I can drive them and every year they rise in value!
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    Symphony of someone's destruction!

    Go for a ride in my 470 rwhp/540 rwtq GN and you might think they are ok! Sideways at any speed:)
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    Symphony of someone's destruction!

    Spent the weekend playing with my girls! Spent some time with the black mistress and the sassy redhead! They both satisfy my need for speed and remembering the 80's! The black mistress is chill, until she's not! Start feeding her alcohol & 24# of boost and she can get sideways in a hurry! The...
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    R7 - quiet ride not working for ka band

    My wife uses a V1Gen2. She hauls ass! No complaints from her!
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    Ignore 24.199 menu option

    I was hit in that frequency range by a Sheriff in Canyon, TX on I-27. I was using my V1.2 that day. K block on my R7 isn't used. I'd have been toast that day!
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    Info TMG VPR Head Test

    Stalker XLR/RLR is probably the toughest you'll see in Houston. @erickonphoenix
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    [Poll] R7 vs V1G2 vs RL360C

    You can always run the V1.2 with Squirrel's remote display and then you have frequency display. That solution eliminates phone usage!