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    Maybe people only get it here?

    I work with 6 people who run detectors. 5 run escorts, all max or older. The last guy uses an RMR. I can’t get any of them to try another brand or even a newer option. None of them have ever updated their detectors either. Abyway, yeah, small bunch and some that do run them don’t really take it...
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    Uniden Acquires Attowave

    I believe they will. But how badly does Radenso need them now? They are in better position than most to handle this.
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    Uniden Acquires Attowave

    Another thought. Maybe they stop making detectors for everyone else to gain market share in the low to mid price range. They wouldn't have to compete against the top price competitors.
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    Hi my thread name is Shep

    Welcome aboard! Those cars are fun. I had a 97 Trans AM Ws6 for several years. Wish I kept it.
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    Introducing Radenso Theia powered by Rai (Video Links and FAQ on first page)

    At this point with the chip shortage getting worse, we should all assume Theia could be as late as 2023. If it happens to land next year, fantastic. 2021 is out of the question completely imo. The good news is there are other options to hold us all over.
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    Redline still relevant?

    Welcome aboard! Love the redline o but I’d also recommend an upgrade.
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    Greetings from a new member!

    Welcome aboard. We'll see. I'm not sure what they can do with all of the patents Radenso has filed.
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    Recommended by Vortex Radar

    Welcome to the forum! You’re in the right place, we’re good at spending other people money on new detectors. As well as our own of course!
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    DS1 from V1gen1

    Welcome to RDF and congrats on the DS1!
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    Hello from Pittsburgh

    Welcome aboard!
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    Radar Detector Recommendation for PourDecisions

    If you've got all of those I'd try out the DS1. I really like your username btw.
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    Introducing the Radenso DS1 with FAQ

    If you’re tagging Jon to get Randy in trouble Ive got bad news for you. Randy’s the nice one. :roflolmao: in all seriousness you should read it again. I don’t think Randy was rude, just explainINV the policy.
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    Introducing the Radenso DS1 with FAQ

    The v1 is the only one that does but they don't ship with GPS. Also, I bet most people don't use them.
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    Introducing the Radenso DS1 with FAQ

    Send it to Randy in a pm then