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    Welcome! Some people cannot understand why anyone would be interested or even excited about a little device that sticks to your windshield and goes beep when police radar is ahead. As for me, I come here to RDF every day.
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    New user

    Bienvenido nuevo amigo. Most of us here write in English, though sometimes not so well!
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    Got my V1 gen2 on the way.

    I segmented my V1G1 but the only thing I have done on my V1G2 is turn X band off. I operate mine on the highway in "A" (all bogies) mode. I get very little Ka falsing. I can't comment on city driving.
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    Excessive bogey Count

    Just west of Katy, Texas on I-10 west my V1G2 showed 9 bogies. I thought it was a malfunction. Then, I passed at least 6 (hard to count, other side & highway speed) law enforcement cars all together on the eastbound side. There really were 9 bogies.
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    July 1987 Popular Mechanics Comparison of 10 Radar Detectors

    How cool! I had a (first edition) Passport. Still to this day, it is my favorite detector for its time (obviously, without Ka or filters it would be useless today).
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    Post your V1G2 sweeps

    I'm solely a highway user, except, of course, I have to drive through town going & coming. I run X off, "A" All bogey's mode, eSavvy at 37 mph. And that's it. It works, as Tony the Tiger would say, Grrrreat!!!
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    Radar Detector Recommendation for Cruiser

    I have not used or even seen a Redline or a R7, so it would be unfair for me to comment on them. I do have experience with the Uniden LRD & DFR detectors, they are quite good on their own and for someone on a budget they would be a great choice. As for the R3, that may well be the smart choice...
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    Hey Y'all from Central Texas

    Hi there and welcome! Texas here too, Houston. V1G2 user as well, 100% satisfied.
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    X band V1G2

    Well, as long as we are at it, has anybody spotted any S band out there (2-4 GHz)?
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    So Few People Run Detectors These Days....

    Buc-ee's is a popular chain of travel centers here in Texas, I think they are expanding. I stop at them. There are usually lots of cars and most all of them are on a highway trip. I always make it a point to look around to see how many cars have a detector. Some do. But most don't, and that is...
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    New here

    Welcome! I have a V1G2, my laser detection is turned on and it has never gone off.
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    Best small radar detector?

    I'd suggest get a V1G2, mount it up way high out of your way and hard to see from outside your car, then get a remote display.
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    Who else second guesses their detector choice?

    My timeline of owning a RD begins at 1976, I got an Autotronics Super Snooper. The Fuzzbuster was heavily advertised and outsold the Super Snooper, but the Super Snooper was the top detector in its day, back when all the detectors were passive technology. Autotronics next came out with the Long...
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    Hi all!

    Welcome! I managed to get a V1G2, I am entirely satisfied. I'm sure you will like yours when it finally comes. Check out Vortex's latest (as of now) YouTube video, "Cross Country Road Trip." He includes a V1G2 in his trip, along with some others.
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    Introducing "V1 Companion" ios app - *NEW* version 1.07 available.

    I'm an Android user. Now I know how you iPhone users felt about JBV1!