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    Escort Max360c $400

    I personally would only pay that amount ($400 ) for a used detector at this time if it was a R360C or V1G2 I do not have a 360c but I have the 360 which I am not impressed with KA range......It is adequate but not to the standards of R360C, V1G2, or R7....Other than that I really like the...
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    [Poll] Have you sent your Escort in for Service?

    Never had to send in any of the original ones I bought but sent at least 5 used ones that I bought either at pawn shops, garage sales, ebay, etc...A few of those probably did not need to go but buying used and not having the testing equipment or knowledge I have now, just wanted to be sure there...
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    Got my V1 gen2 on the way.

    I would suggest not segging until some seat time to see if you have KA falses in your area that you want to get rid of....I only have one so I do not use custom freq.....
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    Falcon HR in LA (LA County Sheriff) K-band in Socal!-UPDATE Actually Talon 2

    The Talon Directional Model in this ebay listing is noticably different than the Falcon HR but maybe only because it is not a newer firmware....So possibly a newer directional Talon may look similar to the Falcon...
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    Falcon HR in LA (LA County Sheriff) K-band in Socal!-UPDATE Actually Talon 2

    No they are not identical......Haven't played with the Talon much since acquiring and wondering if they make a non directional model Talon II....The menu in OP only resembles my Falcon HR menu... Post pics of both on shortly This time Falcon HR on left Talon II on right
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    Falcon HR in LA (LA County Sheriff) K-band in Socal!-UPDATE Actually Talon 2

    I have no clue what it is after looking at mine for several minutes..... The display looks like my Falcon HR but the little glimpse I get of the side in the OP pic looks like a Talon....So no conclusion my way...
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    Falcon HR in LA (LA County Sheriff) K-band in Socal!-UPDATE Actually Talon 2

    Talon II and Falcon HR pics (Talon II on left Falcon HR on right)
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    Hey everyone, Gail from Cedar Electronics (Escort/Cobra) here

    Yes it has and hopefully it had some tiny influence on getting these issues addressed......I learned a lot from that thread and it has me leery of a new one......I regret a few jokes I made in that thread and found myself playing along at times when I should have held my tounge which is hard for...
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    Hey everyone, Gail from Cedar Electronics (Escort/Cobra) here

    Definitely no problem with putting in the time for such a thread but will have to give this some long thought how to make it a productive thread instead of mud slinging thread...... Open Issues is very broad term and definitely not the least bit interested if it entails customer service...
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    Unden R7 $403 at Amazon

    Is there a breakdown how it works (pricing algorithms) somewhere.....I definitely saw all three prices listed above this morning....Only refreshing the amazon link....
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    Heywood's October 10 2020 MRCD Testing

    Thank goodness as of yet I do not have to deal with it but because of the generous and great work done by @Heywood and all the testers here I will know what to do if we ever get it here....Really appreciate your breakdown "The Set-Up" , not knowing hardly anything about what you face over...
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    Unden R7 $403 at Amazon

    Great price...thanks for sharing
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    GACTG meeting

    Curious to know....When @benzr is the Shooter, does he hold up a big cardboard sign with Caps and emoji's saying BUSTED:police::police::police3::police3::police3::police3::police3::police3::police3::police3::police::police::police::police::police::police: when he gets a punch through
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    Anybody Recognize This Detector?

    Does bring back a lot of memories for me, the car not the detector....I purchased the '83 GT Mustang Maroon T tops instead of convertible, and mine had a hood scoop....Exact one in article below but the color...
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    [Poll] R7 vs V1G2 vs RL360C

    I really like all three and am happy with using any of the three at any time and feel protected from radar unless I get froggy and open it up without a rabbit and get nailed with I/O....They all have their strong points and weaknesses if compared to each other.... I clicked R360C in your poll...