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    R360C FW 1.8 Vs MRCD June 18 2021

    Correct, I meant Cruise Alert, in my country a lot of fixed MRCT and Gatso3 radars are at traffic lights, so if you're waiting for the red light, the alert drive's you (and passangers...) crazy...
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    R360C FW 1.8 Vs MRCD June 18 2021

    @Heywood : does your "speedsense" work on MRCD? I set mine on 25 km/h but it keeps on alerting when I stand still in front of the traffic lights.
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    Turned on MRCD and MRCT in NJ to see what happens...

    Stinger VIP, Escort Redline 360C intl and Target Blu Eye. (and Waze ofcourse :-) ) Don't think the Redline and Stinger interfere with each other
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    Turned on MRCD and MRCT in NJ to see what happens...

    Yeah, that's me :cool:
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    Hey everyone, Gail from Cedar Electronics (Escort/Cobra) here

    I've connected the Redline with my home wifi network (both 2.4 and 5 ghz). Got a wifi point in my garage and it connects when I park my car in front of the garage.
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    Install of - Stinger S8 antenna

    It looks like the antenna is not facing straight forwards?
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    [Poll] Is the Redline 360c worth $750?

    I think it depends on the type of radar you encounter. In my country we face the MRCT, and the Redline 360C Intl does a (very) good job on MRCT. Don't entcounter many falses because MRCT is the only band I have enabled. I try to post the radars I encounter on my youtube channel...
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    Redline pick up KA band front and rear

    Your video is "private".
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    2019 Honda CRV Hardwire

    Use a multi meter to check that.
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    Does Radenso Theia support X Band?

    In my country they also used the Ku band (13 ghz). We had the Stinger Ventura to detect them. I spotted the last Ku band radar in my country with the Stinger about 20 years ago
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    Squirrel's Stinger Freedom Review

    If I am correct the side lasers also work for the Autovelox in Italy. 1621869131 The constant power also affects the time of the GPS lock. When you haven't got the constant power plugged in, it takes langer before it has GPS signal. I think just like a car radio it effects the memory. Maybe...
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    360C International how to force wifi update?

    I think this is the latest international version.
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    Stinger's new antenna on release

    The HD antenna is Length: 11cm Width: 7cm Depth: 1cm So the antnna is only deeper, but in length en wide it is even smaller.
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    Stinger VIP system update 6.00.05

    Ok, problem solved, the usb-stick I used was corrupted I think, this morning I bought a new scandisk 3.0 usb stick and that worked fine, so update installed.
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    New Redline 360c - Issues with WIFI, Laser, and subscriptions

    You can check if you're Redline is connected to Wifi when the field of MPH turns white on you're detector.