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  • Yandeltx - Yes, i honestly do like it for what i use it for. Its range is better than my "older" V1 but comparable to the New V1 i recently sent back. Its a lot quieter than the new V1 even though i was running custom sweeps and TSR ON. Keep in mind, i ran the V1 for about 2-3 years and i loved it to death but time has come to move on. It got so chatty that i wasn't even listening to the threats half the time (very annoying) and my new V1 was even worse! (due to the sensitivity).
    do you still like your Max360? I noticed on one of the threads you mentioned purchasing one. I am thinking about buying one myself, just trying to do a little homework on it first. Thanks in advance for any information you can share. Thanks again.
    Hey, you responded to my post a few months ago. I was set on the uniden lrd950 or 850. Well my husband surprised me with a K40 rls2.
    I'm less than impressed with what I read about it. He said the dealer recommended it above the belscorts he sells. No returns accepted.
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