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  • Hey kpatz, I've been seeing your V1's performance on 35.5. I was wondering what custom sweeps you are running, and if you can share those numbers. I face 35.5s on a daily basis as well. Thanks and have a great day!
    I was looking at your saves OMG how much driving do you do. I should do the same I drive at least 1000 miles a week.

    Can you help me with a copy of Threat Link app?
    TRhank You!
    Hey there Kpatz....Im new to the group, and have seen lots of interesting postsand cool information from you. I am in NH-and was given a ticket the other day by Tpr Bruce Laroche, Troop D. I was southbound on I 93 MM 62.2. He was out of cruiser, aiming through a space in a snow bank. Any idea why he would have been using a hand held radar-instead of laser? At least he market "radar" on the ticket, rather than "laser", an no notes about which equipment he used. His cruiser was behind snowbanks, and 90 degrees to my travel so I dont think he used onboard stuff. There was a snow squall alert at the time. Also-any idea which gun he likely used? I DONT want to ask him in pre-trial stuff because I don't want to tip him off about anything. Thanks a lot for all the info-it s HUGELY helpful!!
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