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Hi Mitheru I also got a R3 from the USA version firmware 150.208.115. Can I please get a copy of the compatible NZ database? Cheers Brian
Just purchased R7 this weekend after so many years with a 9500 IX Passport. My passport was great and saved me plenty of times. Just needed something newer and better I think it was time. Just not sure if R7 or Max 360C. Herd great things about both but I really do love the auto lock out feature on Escorts. Had my R7 few days and have been playing with fine tunes but getting a lot of door openers and false alarms.
Looking for a working Stalker ATR for Ka testing only. I bought one a ways back and it died in short order :-( (control pad was really F'd up) I just need something cheap (and working!) that will assure me that my dual NetRadar is picking up any Ka. Here in California, CO has become rare, and I can go days without any I/O it would be reassuring to now that my system is online.
Hi Mitheru, I just got an R3 from the USA version 1.50/2.08 ( firmware 150.208.115). Can I please get a copy of the compatible NZ database? Many thanks. Paul
Hi spudtatoe, I have a redline ex, what are the best settings for vans, pole cams and mobile police?? Cheers, Mike.
Hi Mithheru, I'm based in Wellington and have a NZ DFR7 running the NZ v1.02 firmware - Interested in getting the GPS database upgraded to your NZ GPS version 2.12 and happy to pay, can I drop this off to you? Thanks and regards, Zakk
Did you find a resolution to your falsing situation on your detector? Mine has begun doing it, it is heat related.
I actually picked up an R7 and gave that one to a buddy. When I spoke to him about it, he said that it was not falsing on laser anymore. Not sure what changed.