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So this week we had the Radenso RC M with front & rear radar installed along with the ALP laser system. 2 RX’s and a TX up front and in the rear. Installation couldn’t be any better or cleaner. Tech did an amazing job. Control panel located down in easy viewable compartment in front of console but can be completely stealth by closing the cover. All settings were done per Radenso rec’s
JAG, if you need a quote from an electronic contract manufacturer for assembling PCBs or box builds, let me know. I work for a world class EMS provider.
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Thanks. Will pass it on
did you ever figure out your Mac update? My R3 freezes at the same screen when I try to download.
I can't get the Mac software to work properly now. I just use Parallels. That works perfectly.
Please, I would like to know if there's anyone doing any radar or laser testing in southern Arizona. let me know please it would be greatly appreciated.
I see you have a Bel RX65 S7, any interest in selling? I posted on the wanted section. PS. Nice car too. When I hit the Lotto, I will get the Bullitt Mustang.
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My RX65 works really good on K band,on Ka band not so much! Glad you like the car, thanks!
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I seem to remember that you had one - Thanks
I'm down to help in terms of testing, just send a text to me when you want to 40822 87118,
Hi Mithheru, I see you have a way of loading the nz camera database onto us r3. Are you able to help me with this?
I look forward to your reply.