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Noticed you have an ISF.....what year? I have a 2013.
Hey man, I have a 2010. I love it! Has 97k miles and bought it with 37k. How long have you had yours? Absolutely love this car and can’t think of anything to replace it with in the same price range. I’m definitely jealous though...a 13/14 model is getting more rare to have by the day!
Hello which bands do they use in your county?
Most is laser and if radar, k-Band and Multaradar. Which k-Band I cannot tell, because I drive with Genevo. You are from The Netherland. I think it's similar. Do you have a Stinger?
No Redline Int
Damn it I thought that achtung motherfcker was a real user like actual Hitler...sigh....He would cause more controversy than the info user. Too bad....sigh. All hopes shattered
I think you jumped the gun with this thread. The take I get on it is that the OP was wondering how many people who upgraded their V1 in the last 2 or 3 months would complain and expect a free unit if V1 came out with an upgraded unit. I am aware that there are various threads about when an upgraded V1 is coming out but this particular thread did not fall into that category.
I have to disagree. This has been a problem not just for the past 2-3 months but for the past 5+ years. V1 is not going to give out a free unit to people who purchased a unit within 2-3 months of a potential V2 release. And until there is actual information regarding a V2 release, it's really all the same thing. And there are multiple threads where this could be discussed without having to open a new one.
OK. I have seen a lot of posts speculating as to when an upgraded V1 may come out but this particular thread seemed to be a new and different subject, but that’s just my take on that particular post.
I got my TMG 3 head system installed and would like to do some testing when ever you might be available and depending where you are located? I am located in southeastern MI
Hello. I have a 5 head alp setup that hasn't been tested yet. Are you in Michigan also?
Yes. PM me if you'd like to be tested.
The Benz reprimanded? Id have to see it to believe it. Benz what happened. Too wild with the Fonts?
Glad Back!!! Getting rid of the Laser Interceptors for a dual TMG for the front where my LI are now. Cant Wait.
Hi Bravo, I gather you are in the same area as me. Apparently I missed the big testing session back n December. Can you recommend any way to test my new system for at least basic functions?

Thanks in advance.
I will be selling an 18 month old unit in about a week. Newest model/version available. It will come with BT LE dongle, hardwire setup, unused windshield mount, unused power cord, 2 extra sets of suction cups, and the nice hard shell carrying case. Only thing missing will be a visor mount.
Hi Mithheru, dudeinnz suggested your the best person to ask....just received a US R3 with the 148.207.114 firmware and would like help to load the AUS db - located in Adelaide SA. Any help appreciated. Thanks John
Hi mate, I've found myself here after hours of research wondering why Uniden R3 (Purchased off Amazon) wasn't picking up speed cameras etc around Auckland. I understand your the man to ask regarding this ? May i please have a copy of the NZ Database you have created? Thanks in advanced:
Best independent laser jamer reviewer in Canada?!
Thats a great question...based on what I have seen, it would be hard to find an unbiased tester here...

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