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I'm just sold my R7 and planning on purchasing a V1G2
I keep reading comments of @variable wave and @variable wave beta
can you direct me to this post or software


ps if you have a V1G2 ddid you purchase savvy or use an app
You might be getting my username crossed with the App. JBV1 is the app on Android.


What you might be reading in some of the threads, my Testing partner KennyC56 talking about my new V1G2 and testing we did with mine and use of JBV1 and other things.

Hopefully that is what you are looking.
Hello. My name is Nick and I work for a car audio shop in Atlanta, GA. That is a great looking installation. I was wondering what you charge for making the custom acrylic covers for your sensors? I just wanted to get a price range for the labor on an install like that. Thanks