Theia- money making options for Radenso -speculation


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Oct 28, 2018
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I would sell an enclosure that looks like a factory front vision system (ie next to your rvm). Theia gets hidden in the bottom, with a wide angle place for a dash cam. No one could tell what it's inside and you see these all the time.
You might need a fan to cool Theia.


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Nov 11, 2019
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What I'd like to see Radenso - or anyone else for that matter - make as an accessory for Theia is motorcycle-specific.

You see, not all motorcycle riders ride cruisers or touring mounts, nor do all wear IEM/earbuds or listen to music via their phone, etc., bluetooth or otherwise. Likewise, not all use bluetooth bike-to-bike intercomms like Sena or Cardo. Some riders ride sportbikes, sport touring, adventure bikes, etc. and wear earplugs to save what little hearing they still have... Like me! LOL! For riders like us we need a very attention getting (read *BRIGHT*) visual alert... Something like the following:

I've been using the Marc Parnes "Visual Alert" since he first started making them nearly 20 years ago, and they are fantastic! Even in bright sunlight you can see them. I have used the ones I've had exclusively with Escort/BEL detectors, and they plug right into the headphone jack. The more the volume on the detector is turned up the brighter the LED's light up, and since the alert is function of the sound output it ramps up just like an audio alert you get in a car.

Certainly Marc Parnes could even make them, but from what I understand he needs some specific info about the headphone output to tailor his LED modules to function with different detectors. That's why he has different specific model modules for different Escorts, BEL's, etc. The output of the Valentine One is so different it even has a different number of LED's.

I'd love to see something like this available for Theia, maybe even built into some kind of motorcycle mounting bracket that could use a RAM ball mount, a TechMount mount, a camera thread, etc. With most of today's motorcycles and their ability to crack the speed limit without even drawing a deep breath riders need all the help they can get! :siren:


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