Redline EX Sleeping on Ka


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May 18, 2018
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I normally do not run Live, I find the new version to be pretty much useless when compared to Waze and even the older version. Its no longer easy to mute the detector with Live in the newer version and I am not getting many alerts from Live in the areas I drive in, so I don't see much use for it.
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I thought the same thing that it had to be a problem in one specific vehicle, but I have several vehicles and have seen both the EX and the 360 sleeping in 2 other vehicles but it is hard to detect and infrequent - the sleeping can come and go on the GT360 I have. One if the vehicles if from the early 90s, so no BSM, Wifi, ACC, Etc.

I redid the hardwiring the night after my first post as I thought that could be the culprit, but still some sleeping. I have also not noticed the sleeping or other issues with any other detector, Magnum, 2 Redlines, Max II, GX-65, R3, R7 and a new 360C.

The sleeping is hard to detect, as most of the time the units act fine. Without the Plus I can check with the ATR. I had been checking them quite often - 3-4 times a week when I arrived home. I only caught the sleeping once in a very great while. Sometimes when I noticed the 360 sleeping on a drive, it would wake up and alert to the ATR when I got home. The EX however needed a restart when I did notice it stopped alerting to Ka band.

They could be totally separate issues - I have no idea what is causing it. The only thing I would ask Escort is to provide some soft of reliable internal test on these models that gives you an indication the detector is not functioning properly.

I now always update the detectors within a few days of the updates. When I sent the EX in the first time for this issue an update came out while it was in transit and they just sent it back stating they had updated the firmware, and the issue still existed.
Well, there goes one possible idea out the window. Thanks for answering the questions. don’t like to see you going through so much trouble.


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Mar 13, 2014
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Redline O was a sleeping beauty until band segmentation..maybe Escort misunderstood what we meant by that.


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Jul 5, 2011
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Saratoga, NY
There is just some unknown problem with the detector - I had time to ship it out yesterday.

I wish I could still run my Magnum/Redline O. I would have Stealth for Canada and even though it did have its problems, they always provided an error message when things were not working well.

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