Long distance drive with the R3NZ


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Nov 16, 2019
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I have a few little stories from a drive I completed recently.

I have only one video clip as we had to use the R3 and the GPS as many roads were closed for some reason.

This clip is driving home, with a police officer using Constant On (C/O). There is a little back story. A car passed us and flashed the lights, then about 5 seconds later the R3 went off, I pulled out my phone to video 5 - 10 seconds after it started to beep. Also sorry for the little chit chat and the music going in the background.

This was 1 of many saves driving, but the only one I got on video as I drove most of the way up and my passenger was not to good with the phone.

I guess ill start at the beginning of the saves

1. I was passing 3 cars on a passing lane, everyone was doing 20km above the PSL but when those passing lanes close they slow down to 10km under the PSL, we noticed before the passing lane they started to speed up. I passed 2 cars with 1 pulling into the slower lane, I went to absolutely kick the car when my R3 went off, I instantly smacked the breaks and slowed to 100km (The PSL), then rounded a small curve and a police officer was coming the other way. I do believe this officer was using Instant On (I/O) but as there was several cars ahead they must have turned it on to see their speed, I was lucky there no doubt about it.

2. I was driving back and we had just taken a detour as roads were closed. We started to go over a bridge after pulling out of a round-a-bout when the R3 went off, I slowed down we were only doing 5km over the PSL, the signal died a bit and picked up then died, when we passed the cop it was only at 1 bar of strength passing him, I was and still am confused about why that is, if anyone wants to answer that it would be helpful, also another thing that was occurring was the radio was cutting out so I do believe it has something to do with that but i'm not sure.

3. The save was the video and that's clearly visible, no need for a description.

4. This wasn't really a save but at the same time it was. It was a road works zone 50km was the PSL and everyone was doing 20km above the PSL, then Ka band went off and the other driver thought he saw a police officer turn around and put his lights on as the signal was 3 bars and it seems to be I/O, I was looking but didn't see anything. It was a straight road and maybe a minute later came up on a police officer siting on the side of the road, no radar going just sitting there, I believe it was either a false but cannot be sure as I didn't see the cars passing or that police officer turned his radar on for a spilt second and it was just some tail lights that scared the other driver. Either way we slowed down and came across the police officer.

Overall I'm happy with the drive and I believe it was successful and we made good time for the traffic and delays experienced.

Edit: The video I posted was vertical then I came to my senses and turned it sideways, it lost maybe 2 or 3 seconds
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Apr 19, 2018
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Some nice range there! Thanks for sharing!


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Nov 2, 2018
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I have to admit, my first thoughts on seeing the video: Holy crap, that truck is on the wrong side of the road. LOOK OUT EVERYONE IS GOING TO DIE, oh, Australia

The music along with the scenery looked like west Texas...
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