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Oct 30, 2018
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Long Island/NY
With the frustration subsiding from all the setting variables and all the experimentation, I slapped the CR97 back on my windshield. (My other detector that I was using is a Redline EX. I find it pretty solid). I seem to have the 97 working pretty well. Xk is 0, ka at 2, TFSR off, and the confounding FDsR (in silent mode). I shut off the GPS stuff. In 'city' mode its not bad at all. Not many k/ka mixups. Its k for the straight runs on my urban hiway. The thread about getting a silent Ka when in FDsR is a huge concern. I am watching it to see if it alerts if a Ka is detected while its on a FDsR #### alert. If I see that, I'll go back to regular FDSR. Anyone giving their CR97 a second try?
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Feb 22, 2018
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I've been running my R1/Redline combo for several months now and have their set ups down to a science! My R1 is in the front on 1.50 with K block at 70% with TFS and K filter on with K band on wide. Ka filter is of course off, and segged to 2-5-8.Ka priority is on as well. My Redline-O is in the back running only 2-5-8. Everything else is off! This is the best set up I've ever run. It works so good that I'm also running another Ghetto-Arrow set up in my Boss 302 as well! Both sets are killing it! I haven't run my CR97 for a while, but I've thought about trying it again just for the hell of it, after all, I still have my kill switch wired up and tucked into the headliner of my drive to work Mustang for the Whistler! I think I'm going to try and wring my CR95 out since it has no gps functions and see how it goes!
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Dec 15, 2011
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Idaho and Connecticut
I run my CR97 1 week out of the month when I'm at my house in CT. Its on my beater car that I drive around when I'm there. For the other 3 weeks out of the month when I'm at my place in Idaho, I run Escort Max II. The Max II with the new IVT filter update is incredible at filtering out BSMs. In autoscan mode it even filters out Hondas. The CR97 is run in CT because it's a beast at picking up laser which is solely what is used there. It's the only radar detector I run that can legit pick up scatter. I know I need jammers, but there is something about Whistlers laser sensitivity that makes me happy. I still love my CR 97, if only they fixed the K/Ka band mix up I would run it every day!

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