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Dec 2, 2017
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Metro Detroit , MI
I have a good on ramp to the expressway I take to work in the morning. I am usually +10 at the end so it gives me options. This particular morning I immediately move to the Left lane and take out two lollygaggers. Hammer down and I’m gaining on the sole car in the Left lane. He sees me coming and courteously moves over . Cruising all alone at +30 I’m gaining on the next group of cars ¼ mile ahead. I’m coming in hot watching to see if any in the Left lane will yield. What’s that on the SUV in front of me ? F bomb ! It’s a low profile light bar on the roof. Sh-t ! Foot off gas, drop way back, and watch. Did he see me ? Is he going to change lanes to get behind me ? He’s not using any radar. I stay way back and watch. Nothing. Good. I think I’m clear. The pack continues to cruise along at +10 for the next 4 miles. Expressway ends and I’m behind him at a light. I’m able to see the Explorer has a small number on the back and has 3 sets of LED’s on each side of the rear hatch. No other give a ways. Because we have traveled through multiple jurisdictions I figure he isn’t doing traffic enforcement, but I’m not taking any chances. Even on the side streets the pack is traveling +10. I keep a good distance back. A couple of times someone would come shooting around me and would drop anchor when they realized it’s the Po up ahead. After another 4 miles he turned into a local Police station. Guessing he had transported a prisoner between cities or something. I took note of the markings on the side, counted my lucky stars, and re engaged warp.

So I’m cruising with the Fam over the weekend and I’m getting the third degree on why I went this way instead of that way.
When I’m with others I have to keep changing the volume on the RD from 1 to 0 when I’m being hassled by a K false which seems to be more often than when I’m alone. Mute seems to fail me at these times. We happen to be on street that I rarely use. I’m not watching my speed and the Wife says there’s a cop up ahead. I look up at the RD and sure as sheet its full pegged 34.7 ! F Bomb ! I see him now pulled off on the shoulder perfectly hidden by some bushes. I was probably +5 at the time. Cruised on by and luckily no pull out. Phew !
How embarrassing would it be to get tagged because you had a muted alert ? I’d kick my own A-s !

So later we are cruising down the X way, Left lane clear and I see a Challenger gaining on me. I get on the gas smoothly to not alert the wife. We are +30 before she notices.
Slow down, you’re going too fast ! But I’m playing with this Challenger behinds us. I don’t care. Ok, I signal, get over, and slow down. I watch the Challenger shoot up the Left lane , slow down , and then drop in right behind me.
I look over at the wife and say, It looks like his wife wouldn’t let him have any fun either…………..




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Mar 6, 2014
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Saratoga, CA
Expressway ends and I’m behind him at a light.
That was the most curious line of the entire 3 stories.

Freeway: Full control of access. No at-grade intersections allowed. Property owners adjacent to the road have no rights of access (no driveways may be built up to the edge of the road). May only be accessed at interchanges approved by the DOT.

Expressway: Partially controlled access. Property owners adjacent to the road have no rights of access (no driveways may be built up to the edge of the road). At-grade intersections are allowed, however. Examples:
Northbound San Tomas Expressway @ Benton Street, Santa Clara, CA
Southbound Foothill Expressway @ Edith Avenue, Los Altos, CA
Santa Clara County is the only county in the US I am aware of that maintains its own expressway system. Apparently, the original plan from the 1950s-1970s called for all of these roads to be upgraded to freeways, but the county ran out of money and the upgrades were never made. As a result, the at-grade intersections remain, as does their designation as "expressways" instead of "freeways".

Technically, all freeways are expressways, but not all expressways are freeways ("freeway" being the more restrictive term, and comprising a subset of expressways). The presence of a traffic light would not technically end an expressway. The presence of private driveways would, however.
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