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Jul 10, 2019
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This happened in June, a couple weeks before I joined. I wish I had cam footage because it was quite nice to watch.

I was driving along a stretch of I-10 with 4 lanes in each direction and the left lane is moving slow. A Cadillac comes up behind me and decides the front of her car looks better when it's a couple feet from my bumper. Once cars move over I do my usual move of making the tailgater wonder why they are suddenly 10 car lengths away. After I slow down and they catch up they go down the right lane to pass everyone.

Fast forward 5 miles or so, the left lane slows down and I turn on autopilot so I can be lazy. In the RVM I can see a couple trucks speeding together and when I look forward and there's 2 LEO on the median, which explains the slow down. One of the speeding trucks, small-medium sized, drives by me, sees LEO and slams on his brakes about a car length ahead. It looks like his rear tires were about to leave the ground.

The other truck moved to the right hand side of a tractor trailer in the 3rd lane and the truck next to me moves 2 lanes over to the right of the tractor trailer. I see LEO pull out and as I get slightly ahead of the tractor trailer I see the two trucks hiding, and doing a good job of it.

LEO are moving really really slow with no lights on. I moved over to let them by and they are only going a few MPH over PSL when they pass. The trucks are adjusting speed to avoid being spotted, falling back along the side of the tractor trailer. LEO continue moving slow and switching lanes like they are looking for someone specific. I'm wondering if the truck that was next to me is who they are looking for because this continues for at least a couple minutes.

Suddenly they turn on their lights and move in for the kill. When I drive by they have the blue Cadillac that was admiring my rear bumper on the side of the road. A few minutes later I see the small-medium sized truck driving up the left lane, probably wondering if he has a change of underwear.

I don't know if they got the Cadillac because it thought it was out of harms way, but given the timing and the LEO behavior I do think they were looking for the trucks and just settled for what they could find.

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