Uniden R1/R3 better BSM filtering when?


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Feb 8, 2016
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We are a small portion of all the detector users out there.

An average person that buys a detector sees it as an appliance. Plug it in, turn it on.
If manufacturers are producing products that react well to radar or laser signals too often, that might not be considered responsible to the buying public.

Making a product with great reactivity is probably not as difficult as making a product that is actually pleasant to use and that's probably where manufacturing experience factors in.

It's relatively common knowledge here to reduce this, change that, etc. and the device will become manageable. What about all those people that don't have access to this info? They probably don't have the same good feelings about some of these products.
Of course, it can go the opposite way as well. We sometimes know why a really quiet detector is too quiet in certain scenarios. There too, the general public has no idea and are simply left to take their chances.
With a few exceptions, magazine and online ratings aren't even very thorough anymore. They rush through it and build their case on here say.

If Uniden does get these issues handled better in future updates, how many of the general public will know to update again?
This is where the concept of releasing a replacement R2/R4/R8 might benefit the common man. They don't need to know much beyond "It's newer" and Uniden sells another product. Perhaps this is part of the dilemma for manufacturers. They can focus on tweaking and adjusting and making everything better on existing products, but only a small portion of their customers are going to benefit.

It's better for them to move on to the next product release and put their focus there. (I don't like that idea personally)

I think vortex said a while ago that car companies will be moving to a different band instead of K band by 2020 or something. If this is true I'm sure radar detector companies will catch and hopefully we will rid the world of K band falses
As others have pointed out, even if that does actually happen; some of the worst offenders (Honda/Acura/Mazda) are known for their longevity. 2020 will be the beginning of a change that will take a very long time to complete. Many detectors won't even last that long.

I do believe we are seeing "kinder" BSM from Honda already though. I'm finding newer Hondas that I have to get within 25 yards of before I get an alert at all. If I'm passing them at a reasonable and smooth speed, I barely hear a quiet alert before it's over.
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Jul 22, 2018
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In response to the people saying that the tests are wrong and the only way to go is full sensitivity but they rather run full sensitivity on a max 360c that has less range than a R7 running adv 30% ..you guys do not make sense.

You guys do what you want, here at RDF we run the most un biased tests in the industry.

Unlike magazines and some you tubers that get kick backs for making certain detectors look better, we here run it with videos to prove it and with nothing to gain.

Vortex is about the only reviewer I trust outside of these forums (well he is part of them) .

In the end you buy what you want with the settings you want if that is what makes you happy.

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Aug 11, 2017
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Priority or not, I can say, with K Block ON both, my R3 is quieter than my R7 by a mile. And these days, it's mostly Mazda... and something spewing 24.100.. This 24.100, I can 't figure out the source because it seems random and usually just 2 beeps with the voice announcement that it's K band... then it's gone.

It's the rear horn that makes the R7 go off more frequently for me.

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