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Mar 21, 2014
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Oh hey, a new forum section. Hopefully it will stick ;-)
Anyway, since this is currently empty, I decided to make a post of the list of my favorite sites related to the topic, which may be helpful to some people.

General PC hardware and software:
- - An Overclocking Community forums. They are very active, they have various topics related to various hardware as well as hardware/software news and have plenty of knowledgeable people.
- TechPowerUp This is a good news site related to hardware and some software. They also do reviews (not a very thorough but informative enough for most people) and a home of useful software utility like GPU-Z. Also have a forum, where some famous discussions took place, like when IC owner was making an ass of himself in a discussion whether IC Diamond thermal paste can scratch the surface of CPU.
- AnandTech: Hardware News and Tech Reviews Since 1997 Many people know it, they don't post reviews or news as often as other sites but they tend to explain stuff very thoroughly in their reviews.
- reddit Obviously, Reddit will have a lot of subreddits specific to various hardware and software, most of them are very informative and worth reading
- Gamers Nexus GamersNexus YouTube channel, pretty informative and non-biased reviews of various hardware and hardware news.

Laptop/Notebook specific sites:
- Notebook / Laptop Reviews and News Useful site if you want to look at interior or exterior photos of notebooks or find out details such as display quality. Their comparisons are generally useless because they compare different laptop models with different RAM, different cooling system, different power limits and different drivers so you should NEVER rely on it if, for example, you want to compare how mobile 2070 GPU performs compared to 2070 Max-q version. They also do not go deep enough with their reviews because they receive review samples which they cannot modify, meaning they are not allowed to change thermal paste. Since they receive review units from manufacturer this also produces review bias, for example they gave new Dell XPS a score of 90% despite the widespread issues with it (some of which they mentioned in their review). It also means they cannot re-evaluate same unit later because they have to send review units back.
- YouTube channels like Jarrod's Tech or BOB of all Trades. They're useful if you are looking how particular laptop performs in a particular game or if you want to look at interior and exterior of laptop or how they perform in terms of temperature. The usefulness is limited because Jarrod mostly reviews the review units sent by manufacturer, meaning he is not allowed to do things like changing thermal paste and he cannot re-evaluate same unit later because he must send review units back to manufacturer. BOB of all Trades does buy some of the units he reviews but he does not do this often enough and he does not benchmark using many games.
- reddit This is the BEST source if you are looking for potential issues of particular laptop model or the ways to improve it further (repasting it with better thermal paste). There are many brand-specific subreddits for almost every brand (Alienware, Dell, MSI, Lenovo and others) and you can find a lot of impressions from actual users who are not restricted by review unit limitations. Seriously, use it before buying any laptop model.
- Places to buy laptop from: aside from usual places like retail shops, you can find a lot of third-party resellers who resell popular brands or some less known brands not available in retail stores (like Clevo and TongFang, which are being resold by resellers under different brands, such as Sager which is a rebadged Clevo units or Eluktronics who sell rebadged Clevo and TongFang chassis). Many third-party resellers offer unique options like repasting your laptop with better thermal paste (this is important since a lot of modern laptops easily reach a thermal throttle point for their CPUs with stock thermal paste) or extra warranty or shipping to different parts of the world. The US-based third-party resellers are: HIDEvolution, GentechPC, XoticPC, Eluktronics (only sell TongFang and Clevo chassis under their own brand) and Sager (only sell Clevo chassis under their own brand). I have not dealt with any of those so I cannot recommend which one is the best.

Android-specific sites:
- Android Police - Android news, reviews, apps, games, phones, tablets This is my favorite Android-related news site.
- reddit This is another favorite source for everything Android-related. The /r/Android/ subreddit has general news and discussions about various models and there are many other subreddits specific to various smartphone models or manufacturers.

Apple-related sites:
- Louis Rossmann The YouTube channel of Louis Rossmann, the ONLY person who will tell you everything that is wrong with Apple's engineering, design and customer support since he repairs Apple products for a living ;-) I do not own any Apple products myself so I do not follow any other sites about Apple products, just Louis's channel to entertain myself and to see what other ways Apple comes up with to abuse their customers ;-) If you do and still want to stay with Apple products you can use Louis's repair shop, he's the person who will do honest repairs for an honest prices.

These are most of the sites I can remember now. If you have your own favorites - share them too.


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Nov 20, 2017
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Ask Woody - Started following this site as they stay on top of bad Windows patches, ways to fix them, etc. Now that I'm doing a lot of work for various clients that my new job/company supports I find that I needed to know about these things along with the below sites that also go into Malware, Hacks, etc. All bunched into one website, etc. These two overlap sometimes but they have various content often so! ;)

Bleeping Computer



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Oct 22, 2015
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For virus/malware, VirusTotal is pretty good. Lets you scan suspect files, URL's or do a search.



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Aug 12, 2018
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Spiceworks. A collection of geeks and random articles. I find myself using it less and less, and never trusted the idea of ‘free’ inventory and helpdesk software. Have found access to a lot of useful information there.


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Nov 2, 2018
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NW Arkansas
Apparently, it is me.
Back when I was the program director of computer technology and computer programming at a small college, if I mentioned what I did, computers would come out of the woodwork. All of the students, no matter what department they were in, would bring in their computers for me to fix. I had strangers stop me after I mentioned what I did to have me look at laptops that they had in their vehicles.
Now when people ask me what I do I tell them that I specialize in programming in OLTP/OLAP environments. They look confused and don't ask me to fix their computers. But my wife knows - I have a stack of computers that she has brought from her office for me to look at.


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Nov 25, 2018
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For choosing pc hardware

finds the cheapest price with coupons and rebates
also makes sure the components are compatible with each other
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Also XDA for
General Android Discussion
Custom ROMS, Kernals, and apps
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