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May 10, 2018
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Heads up, the Escort’s have been known to quietly lockup without any warning, temporarily giving you no protection. I believe this has been fixed for the most part.

I didn't want to mention that and overcomplicate things but yeah that was a problem for a while. I believe it's fixed
I have been a Max 360c owner since February of 2019. I have experienced two of these “quiet / silent” lockups (that I am aware of) plus two “traditional” k-band lock ups with my original Max 360c and my warranty exchange Max 360c. Firmware 1.9 introduced in late May was supposed to improve “product stability”, but it has also increased laser false alarms for a lot of users including me.

I have received very good customer service from Escort, and I really like the design and overall performance of the Max 360c, and I think it is a good radar detector, but I still think Escort needs to keep working on the firmware updates to further improve “product stability.” @Bustangs, I think the Max 360c is a good detector, and despite the issues I have experienced with the Max 360c, I still like it a lot, and I think it may be a good choice for you. The Max 360c has very good BSM filtering (slightly better than my R3) and is a solid performer.

There are a lot of really solid radar detectors on the market. It is hard to choose just one.

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Aug 12, 2018
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Do you like Dodge, Chevy, Ford, Subaru, Honda, Acura, Audi, VW, etc etc etc.

There are several units considered to be the “top shelf” around here, windshield mount and permanent installation. A lot of us here have this same problem; they are kind of like pokeyman, you gotta catch em all.


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Jun 19, 2015
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V1 w/JBV1 for me. I tried the R7 for about 1000 miles and if I didn't already own a V1 I would have kept it. I did end up returning it and I'm going to spend the $600 on counter measures because here in L.I. NY laser is very popular and I've had one too many close calls.
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May 15, 2012
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If you like the 9500ix, the Max 360 is an improved version of that. You get the directional arrows, GPS lockouts, firmware updates, etc.

There is something to be said about a detector that does a lot of things good, but not particularly great.

The V1 is a range monster, so is the Escort Redline and top end Unidens. But they require a bit of calibration as to not drive you nuts with falses.

I've got a Max 360 in my F-150 because as my sig says, I'm semi-retired from the game. I have mine on Spec mode, cruise set at 40, overspeed set at 85, highway mode. I rarely go 15+ PSL because I have a commercial license to protect. But I still enjoy CM's.

If I was getting back into the game, I'd get a Uniden R7, calibrate it, get front and rear ALPs, and away I go.

...Still wish they could figure out how to make an M3 and S7 antenna play well together. Ah well...

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Jun 29, 2012
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Yep that's why I'm confused... Seems like there's quite a few good detectors... Wondering if the new ones circa 2019 are better than older ones circa 2012? Has the radar technology changed that much? I tried a valentine circa 2005 and it seems to go off everywhere, all the time... So I would guess there is a shelf life on the technology, considering all the new cars have some kind of radar guidance/assistance..
I believe in 2019 new brands vortex has tested. I decided for the r3, got rid of the redline, too chatty k band. Todays filter and other gps and range on ka is crazy where the redline i just replaced i thought was still the best....nope i tested them sided by side 1 at a time. The r3 smoked byseveral seconds traveling at 75mph picking ka band up 2/3 available bands tested were 34.7 ka and 35.5 ka. and k band low power road sign new to the area the redline barely picked it up. My r3 sniffs it out at its 60% setting on k band and alerts me to it no problem. Modern tech is good. But im still in the first few weeks with the radar r3 and always had bel/escort prior and they always held up it seemed to be the best. Now Radenso, Uniden, r3/r7, and the others vortex mentions in video all depend on where you live and type filtering that suits you. for me the r3 does it. very quiet once set up proper

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