Cr 97 K/KA band BSM confusion


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May 10, 2018
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I really wanted to like the CR97. We all really tried!!! The mixup and other issues started to add up to make this a difficult unit to rely on. To reduce the k/ka mixups I ran the xk filter at 0, TFSR off but FDSR on. It literally is never silent this way. Ka is big here and I live in BSM hell so it's basically not usable for me. It's resting comfortably in my drawer for now & I feel like I am out the purchace price. On the plus side, I learned alot about CM's and the value of testing.
I thought about putting my CR97 in the drawer too. I still use it occasionally. I used it last night, and I am so used to the BSM signals giving me a generic Ka signal, I actually had a newer GMC Yukon BSM give me a K-band signal last night for a while. I still have a month or so left on my warranty, and I thought about sending it in to get checked out by Whistler. I don’t think me sending my CR97 to be serviced will make a difference in my CR97. I guess I will keep my CR97 for now. I have been alternating between XK and Ka filters both at 1, TFSR on and XK filter at 3, Ka filter at 2, TFSR off. These two settings seem to work best for me. TFSR on keeps the false alarms in check, but warning range and sensitivity is sacrificed with it on. I always leave FDSR/r off and Ka-Max ID on to help distinguish between BSM signals and real Ka. I hope Whistler learns from the CR95/CR97 “issues”, and I hope down the road Whistler will produce a high end model that has a specific frequency display that is accurate.

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Dec 15, 2011
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I think the cr93 also has K/Ka band mix ups with BSMs. When I called Whistler about the issue the guy on the other line dismissed my concerns and told me his CR93 also reports some BSMs as Ka Band. He didn't seem too concerned about it. It's too bad Mike B no longer frequents this forum he used to be really responsive to forum feedback. I wonder what happened. I mostly run my Escort Max II now which I bought from costco for the same price as the CR97. I wish I could some how incorporate the CR97s laser sensitivity into the max because it sucks at lidar compared to the CR97, but for everything else it kicks the CR97s butt in radar performance and bsm filtering.

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