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May 31, 2018
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Anybody familiar with me posting knows I generally tell stories so:
Tl;dr I got nailed for 74 in a 60 but he reduced it to 65 in a 60.

First, I'll acknowledge that I failed hard in this scenario, countermeasures aren't worth **** if you don't pay attention with your EYES. My girlfriend and I headed to the Tri Cities to meet up with some people for my birthday, headed home we were going a different route just to see some new scenery (just recently moved to Washington, always interested in seeing new things). The location on my phone has been ****ed lately so I haven't even bothered with Waze (Mistake 1), neither of our phones were displaying a sensible route home (not paying full attention to the road Mistake 2) so I missed a PSL change from 70 to 60. I didn't see the Washington State tax collector (when did they get blue Impalas?) until a moment before my R1 blared Ka (didn't pay attention to the frequency cuz I knew I was toast and I didn't care). GF knows what Ka tone means, says "hope you weren't speeding" but the blue lights were already on. Handed him license and registration, no sir I don't know how fast I was going, where did the speed limit change?

Anyhow: he typed on the ticket that he clocked me at 74 in a 60 but was citing me for 65 in a 60. So, about fighting this. $100 for 5 over is better than whatever 15 over is in this state, and I'm not sure what slap on the wrist 5 over does to insurance. And if I do fight it can they reverse the "generosity" and jack it back up to the 74 in a 60 if they feel like it? From what I hear about WSP I was fully expecting to bend over hard, kind of thankful it was this "lenient".
Yep, sounds like what I went through as of late. "Lenient" for not bringing the speed back up to the original.


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Feb 17, 2019
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I’d call the local court or the number on the back of the ticket and ask if they have a “forgiveness program”. Basically they take your money for “court costs” and if you don’t get a ticket in say 12 months it goes away. Or ask for traffic school. Can’t hurt to ask they just want your money so they are likely to offer some kind of service like this if you don’t have a long record.

Example of one don’t know if this is still current:

Check with your local county or state DMV. The driving schools her in GA advertise it will knock off the tickets off but in fact they don't. If you have a ticket you can't get the discount either.

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