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May 28, 2019
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To my brothers and sisters across the pond,
Hello! The wifey and I are moving to the Cambridgeshire area from the US and I am in search of some ticket-dodging devices. I will be retiring my faithful Escort 9500ix and am looking for recommendations that work well in the UK and surrounding EU for whenever we feel like taking a holiday/vacation. I'm not a huge speed demon, but I've definitely been one to hang out 10-15mph over the limit and I do hate tickets. Besides, I plan on getting myself some fun European sports car and enjoying myself, and I'd prefer to do that while keeping my license.

Here's what I've been able to figure out:
It seems like the biggest threat is speed cams, so GPS with a solid database seems like a must. I would prefer not to use an app on my phone because I'd rather just charge my phone or use it to listen to music, or podcasts, or literally anything other than make it a dedicated speed cam avoidance tool.
Lasers seem like a definite threat, so I'm thinking of dropping some coin on a jamming system (ALP?) but are there that many traffic cops out there or is it mostly hype?

Here's what I want to know:
For those people that live/work in the UK, what do you use to avoid speeding tickets?
What RD's do folks run with in the UK? Do people even recommend using a RD or just a laser jammer and a speed camera device/app?

From what I've gathered, the Redline EX International and the Genevo One M might be my best bets. I lean towards the Redline because it's a couple hundred less than the Genevo (money I can put to an ALP unit) and I can use it in the US as well. I'm not afraid to spend some money, but I want to be smart about it. Or, is there another RD out there folks think I'm better off with? Or none at all? What do you think?

Thanks for your thoughts!


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Jun 12, 2011
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I would go with RL EX myself. The performance is similar to Genevo One M, it's way better in laser and it's cheaper.

Now, as far as jamming, from what I know, everything works for UK. Even older Blinder and LI can jam everything there. If you want to buy a new system ALP is the best solution right now but if you have an older system or can find a used one in good condition you can save a lot of money. That depends on the exact place you drive and how you drive. If you are a high speeder in a place where extreme ambush techniques are used then only ALP can save you. If you break the PSL slightly and you know they target vehicles far away (let's say above 1000ft) then even Blinder can save you in UK.

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