Bulverde PD Waze Avoidance and I/O


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Mar 21, 2018
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Let me preface this by saying that while yes I have dash cam footage it's mostly useless due to the cop being behind me and trashy quality...

This is just an update on tactics Bulverde pd uses. They are ranked one of the worst speed trap cities in Texas and even the US. Most of the time it's been easy constant on 34.7 because lazy still gets them paid around here with so many unprotected drivers.

I drive here a lot, and many times at night when they really hide out (illegally in medians or shoulders with lights off but whatever). In the past month I have noticed that about 9/10 times I mark them on Waze, they immediately turn on their vehicle and hop on the road. I am seeing this way too much to believe it is a coincidence. They definitely monitor Waze - or at least many do. Not sure if they want people to stop trusting Waze or if they just don't want to be marked for whatever reason. Anyways, they watch it and will often move if you tag them.

Tonight this happened again, the cop pulled up behind me after I marked him and sat on my butt for a good 10 miles or so. He turned off radar once he got moving. Anyways, while behind me he toggled on his radar 4 or 5 times shooting moving instant on at cars in the opposite direction. It's rare for this stuff to happen but recently I've been hit with Bulverde I/O a few times and definitely had a pucker moment or two. While some times seem questionable if they really did run I/o tonight I witnessed him no doubt shoot deadly I/o a lot.

Bulverde might be getting smarter.

I like the idea from a fundamental standpoint of cops being trained to only use speed measurement tools to "verify visual speeding" instead of constantly sitting and waiting for their radar to find a victim. The mindset is to respond to issues that present themselves instead of trying to make everyone guilty of something.

However, as a let's say punctual driver I
hate this for obvious reasons.

Anyways there's my story: they watch Waze and shoot instant on, be safe.

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Jun 13, 2011
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Bulverde blue explorer has 33.8, so watch out

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May 25, 2018
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will 100% support what you are saying. Bulverde also thinks it's funny to have all flavors of Ka.

For those that may not know, Bulverde has the navy blue taurus and explorers, then there's the one blacked out deputy. they frequent Bulverde and also have ETJ with Spring branch. At night, the most common traps they set are CO and IO in the hills on 46 to the west as well as traps right there on the southbound 281 ramp.

Couldn't find the speed trap list you're talking about BTW.

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