Genevo One M (Pro M) or Max 360 C International should I change


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Jan 3, 2017
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Hi guys, I need your help.
I know that the detectors I have aren't sold in U.S.A. but fortunately you have similars ones in the United States.
I've got some detectors :
Escort 8500 CI ;
Genevo One S Black Edition (Radenso RPSE in U.S.A) ;
Uniden R1;
Genevo One M (Radenso Pro M in U.S.A) .
I've switched to Genevo because of Uniden don't protect me from Gatso Radars we have here in France (RT2).
I've had no encounter since I got it, but after watching some videos on internet, I've realized that Genevo has a correct detection while it is in vertical position against Gatso Radars.
Arrows are a good option but the detectors I have don't have that feature.
The only option of a detector with arrows that will be useful here is the Escort 360 C International because of it can detect Gatso and MRCD (Mesta Fusion will be installed here).
I will ask some question :
Changing from Genevo One M (the quietest detector I ever had) to Escort 360 C International will be a bad choice because of Ill loose the quiet I have in my car?
Will I loose the range of detections if I'll change? (Here we have low powered K band radars Mesta and Gatso : detection range of Genevo is 1000-2000 feets with the radar pointing to the car 500 feets when it point to the rear of the car);
Arrows are useful in U.S.A because of cops can target you with their cars with CO or IO shoots coming from rear but here in France once the radar source is passed and you're over PSL that's nothing that you can do (apart waiting for the fine in your mailbox) so having the arrows showing that the source has been passed is not so interesting.
The interest for me in switching is to have a detector that show the radar frequency and can show you if a mobile Gatso car is approaching you by showing it with the rear arrow (these features aren't presents in Genevo One M).
I could keep both (Genevo is a very good and quite detector) but it will be impractical.
What you will do?
I'm looking for your reply.
Thanks in advance.
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Oct 14, 2015
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I think you first need to establish if the Escort 360 C international will detect GATSO and MRCD as well as your Genevo.
Vertical placement will help, but if you have Ka band being used as well, then you will loose some range placing your detector vertically.

As for range, look at some of the recent testing here:


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