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May 10, 2018
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That is an odd glitch (about the dim). Couple of things I do not like about Whistler are the customer service and product development. I don't think they really care about customer feedback or improving what is already out there. One firmware update since the CR97 was introduced, with next to no info about what it fixed. I truly doubt it is so perfect that it does not need update. It's a good detector with few quirks, but worse is the lack of involvement from the vendor - at least to acknowledge the shortcomings of it and say yes or no if any of the bugs can be fixed...
I got used to mine CR97, but one thing is for sure - my next detector will NOT be from the same brand...
@Marty K, So I figured out my display brightness “problem”. I had engaged Auto dim, and it was overriding my manual selections. The display went dim again today about an hour before sunset. I went through the menu settings, and I must have engaged the auto dim by mistake since I have been changing my settings so much. My display appears fine. I get what you are saying about customer service. I called the customer service number some last year several times before I realized that the few glitches I was experiencing were common. They weren’t very helpful, and they said they were aware of the glitches (ie the K - Ka issue) and basically explained that was “normal”. Whistler delayed both the CR97 coming to market somewhere around 6-9 months after the target release date of early 2019. Maybe they were aware of the glitches, they couldn’t fix them, so they went ahead and released The CR97 (and CR95) anyway. As @Bossdad71 has mentioned earlier, Whistler probably isn’t going for the Enthusiast market at this time. Their engineers may be constrained by their market strategy and budget. As @Kennyc56 has mentioned, these CR97s (CR95) are an improvement over their prior CR 85/88 and 90/93 performance wise.
I too have gotten used to the glitches. I do like the Whistler CR97, but it does have room for improvement. It would be nice if some Whistler employees were on the RDF as you said (like other radar detector manufacturers such as Radenso and Uniden).

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