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    Hi guys,

    Thought I'd throw my name in the RDF Talent Agency, I know I'm new here, however I have a fair amount of experience working with stealth installed and windshield mounted radar systems. Have done everything from the basic hardwire lead through to custom Stinger VIP with fibre optic jammers.

    We do basic tuning of new radar's to get them setup for those who don't want to deal with it, however I have a feeling the enthusiasts here probably bank on wanting to do as such!

    Check out our write-up and shop where we have a list and pricing on which radar systems we work with. We can order in windshield mount products, like the new Genevo ONE M and Uniden R3 however we do not keep these in stock.

    If you want to have a chat about anything to get installed, from a hardwire lead through to a full custom install, talk to us here or alternatively, shoot me an email and we'll get you sorted!

    JC Installs Ltd
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