So...why didn't you pull him over??

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    I'm on the freeway on my motorcycle, heading home from the store. I have parts to complete a project, and I'm burning daylight...

    To the untrained civilian, my bike (black Honda Goldwing) kinda-sorta can look like a State Trooper motor unit. Those in the know readily can discern the difference between a BMW R 1200 RT-P and a Goldwing - or not.

    I pull in behind a Tucson Police Dept. patrol SUV doing PSL +5, no radar. I'm in no big hurry; I can either exit at the next ramp, or go to my normal one another two miles away.

    There is an additional lane, which makes the road five lanes wide from one exit to the next; about 1.2 miles long. The TPD patrol SUV signals and moved into this lane; I decide I'll stay in my lane, and make my exit at the following ramp.

    Just as the gore point begins, a 3/4 ton stake truck crossed two lanes and barely made the exit ramp - the same one that the TPD patrol SUV had just exited the freeway on.

    No lights, no nothing.

    So, I guess here in the cactus patch it's okay to cross multiple lanes of freeway traffic to exit the road.

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