ZR4 heads - try aiming 3 degrees up? Alert sound not equal LIDAR signal !

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    I just got a ZR4 system for almost free. So how much can it be improved is my question?
    Baseline Start:
    So, I set up an optical bench in my garage, with my ZR4 Front head pointed at a vertical door 59 inches away. I zeroed/aligned with laser level and double checked with a bubble level. I used an IR camera, with fixed contrast and brightness settings, to look at the beam pattern projected onto the door..
    SURPRISE, the center was about 3 inches lower than my laser/level zero mark ! Bad head , maybe (yes, curved "P" side was up). I didn't have time to try the other Front or Rear head. Next week for that test. I opened up the head and thed LEDS cannot be moved, their based is down on the vetical PCB.
    That works out to about 3 degrees low/down if you have the top of the head level. The spread was about 5 degrees left and 7 degrees right to where I estimate the beam was 50% intensity. At 1000 feet with head dead level, the beam center would be projected about 53 feet low, and about 87 feet left of center and 122 feet right of center.
    I don't have a LIDAR gun to see if aiming the front heads up 3 degrees helps. Anyone else, can you test this? ( I would also aim each head outward about 1 - 2 degrees, to help the known poor side coverage).

    LIDAR signal vs Alert vs Jamming
    FYI, this unit only sends out a jamming signal while receiving a LIDAR signal. They alert sounds for about 10 seconds, but the ZR4 heads only transmit when a LIDAR signal is being received. The heads can turn on or off during the alert sounding. There does not appear to be any EXTRA time for heads to be ON when the LIDAR signal stops ( they both go on/off at almost the same time).

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    Welcome to the forum!
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