RGV to Panhandle 1,800 Mile Trip Recap


Avoiding Speed Traps
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Aug 29, 2018
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S. Texas
Last week made a run from McAllen to Amarillo/Quail area and back plus a short jump to Laredo. "Ol 'Yellar" V1 v3.872 was employed and it provided plenty of warning when facing radar threats. Ran WIZE app to help lower the risk of seeing blue and red in RVM.
Wasn't setting speed records towing a 44 foot long enclosed trailer plus a steady north wind was killing fuel economy on outward leg. Running steady PSL+7 in posted 70 or 75 areas and a few times +15 in 55-65 zones.
Surprisingly from McAllen to Alice I encountered 0 DPS units. Usually they camp out north of FM 1017 looking for suspicious rides. Premont PD was quiet and that was really surprising because that is a bonafide speed trap.
Up by FM 624 area there was a DPS stopped with an 18 wheeler but his radar was off. My biggest shock of the whole trip was 7 miles or so before George West. There was a DPS unit concealed by trees parked in the median. He was pointed in my direction. I let off and braked going 12 over but he never triggered his radar unit. Must of given me a fright because I completely forgot to mark him on WIZE until well past. George West PD was running radar as usual and they had someone pulled over. From there to San Antonio no LEO on I37.
Pulled into fuel at 1604 an 37 and shut off K Band although falsing was not annoying. Later turned K Band back on once out of Metro San Antonio area.
From outside San Antonio to Amarillo only encountered 3-4 DPS units running C/O KA. Only witnessed them stop 1 person. In Post, TX Garza County Sheriff had a customer and they were running K Band C/O.
On way back via Quail, Abilene, Brady, Comfort, San Antonio, saw 1 DPS unit going in opposite direction. Guess rainy weather was working in my favor.
Near Alice I needed to speed up from 73 to 84 to pass a semi truck. Saw a fast approaching set of headlights so immediately signaled to move over once clear. After moving and dropping my speed I looked over and it was a DPS Ford SUV unit. He remained alongside for a bit than steadily pulled away to the next batch of cars. Followed him for 8 or so miles and not once did he target anyone with radar. Crafty guy was only pacing the cars ahead. Finally lost sight of him but he never lit anyone up. Only saw 1 other unit on 281 and he was with a customer.
Took Monte Cristo exit and past Jackson Rd. DPS had a customer but his radar was off. Going about PSL-5 the V1 suddenly goes full tilt KA alert and a unit coming the other way flashes past. I/O and no advanced warning which is the 3rd time in a month I have experienced it.
La Joya and Rio Grande City PD were running KA radar as usual. One Tahoe in RGC shot me I/O. From there to Laredo not a trace of LEO. From Laredo back to McAllen DPS was out but only 2 units had radar on and they both had customers. La Joya PD was running radar and both units had customers.
WIZE was not very helpful this time. Alerts were old by the time I rolled past. Marked a few LEOs for others benefit.
All in all the V1 did well IMO. The one encounter where I encountered KA before Amarillo it gave 2+ miles of warning. Not ready to place it on the fireplace mantle yet.
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Oct 13, 2018
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Nice trip report. Glad to see the V1 working well!

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