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Oct 21, 2018
Hi All:

Loving the app. Been lurking around and reading post for a few weeks and getting use to the app. It is awesome! Got useful stuff for my install.

So I have installed my V1 and V1Driver app and all was running well. I was getting exactly what i wanted with audio through my car sound system. I went to adjust the sound so that i would only get an announcement of the band without the frequency. So i was only getting partial announcement. Like Ka was somewhat cutoff. Then I decided to put back the frequency, thinking I could deal with it. Now I only get audio announcements via the iPhone speaker and i don't have that option turned on. Have tried HFP on and off no diff. I get the startup audio just fine. Any thoughts?

Again this app is a lifesaver for the V1. Getting ready for a run to Syracuse this weekend for Parents Weekend and getting excited to see your child! I don't think it will get quieted down on my first run but it might help a bit. Thanks!


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Nov 1, 2014
You could run into a bug with some odd combination. There are lots of combinations. But I suspect you made other adjustments you didn’t understand.

There is an option that you can reset all the settings under iCloud and Reset.

You should also do a backup. If you had you could restore to your last settings.

What you hear depends on if your on Car Play or not and if your Streaming Audio or not.

You can hit the Bluetooth but to off and then on to test audio.

The cutoff of Ka might be a problem there are a few ways to address that. But we might want to sort how you typically have your audio setup and get back to ground zero first.