iOS Version [Beta] Siri, 3D, URL Shortcuts and Voice Fix


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Nov 1, 2014
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Feature - 3D Touch ShortCuts, you can now do a 3D Touch on V1Driver Icon and it will pop a menu for common actions. Currently only Mute, Snooze and Lock are supported.
Feature - Browser Shortcuts, two types display pages and commands.
V1DriverProtocol:// or /map or /settings
V1DriverProtocol:// or /snooze or /lock
Feature - Siri ShortCuts, you can now use Siri to control V1Driver. Currently only Mute, Snooze and Lock are supported. This is a little tricky to setup. To Get Siri to “Suggest” a short cut it must be something you often do. You can use the 3D Shortcut to indicate to iOS you want a shortcut for mute by just clicking 3D Shortcut - Mute several times. Then go into phone Settings search for Siri Shortcut. You should see the suggestion there for V1Driver Mute. Add it, by teaching it the voice phrase you want for that action. This should work with “Siri Eyes” on Vehicles that support it. Just click Steering Wheel Siri Button and Say “Mute” (untested).

Bug - English Language Voice incorrect on iOS Beta 12.1. There is a new Voice option called "Text to Speech Voice". This is a "tie breaker" whenever you have multiple voices in the same language. The reason this kept coming up is iOS kept changing the order. Sometimes I'd get Fred and Sometime Samantha. Nobody likes Fred. Poor Fred. The Tip will list the choices if there are multiple choices for your current language. It's defaulted to Samantha.

I will probably add "Savvy Learn" toggle to all the shortcuts.

I thank user Don for the shortcut suggestion.
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