Played Quick-Pick Mega Millions Today (I never play the lottery) (1 Viewer)


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Nov 4, 2011
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Leaving work this afternoon was seemingly uneventful as is most days.... until. I came to the red light on a major intersection when Ka starts ramping up on the V1. As usual, the Staties are stationed about two miles east and no cause for alarm.... not this time. I pulled out, making my left turn aware of his presence heading to the light. I got "the look" and knew instantly it was the turning around look. Meanwhile, I'm on the phone with the wife (hands free of course) and she hears the RD blasting full. She thinks I'm speeding and as I tell her I'm about to be stopped she says; how fast are you going... me... 30 MPH... of course I'm not believed until she hears my serious voice saying; I got to go, as now I'm lit up sitting on the shoulder of the highway. This is where it gets weird... in a good way.

My coworker was dating a retired DEA Investigator from the City and gave her a couple official retired NYC DEA decals for her which she in turn gave me one five years ago. There is no date so it's a good for life sticker that has followed me through 3 vehicles so far. Long story short, I put my window down (tinted) and turn the car off, place my hands on the top of the steering wheel waiting for my stack of tickets I also have a CCW with a loaded 9mm along side of my seat and never took the RD down. I'm running with tint and no front plate. LEO walks up behind my car, taps the tail light (why do they always do this?) and greets me with "good evening sir... me; Good afternoon. He never stops his movement to the front of my car, tells me he pulled me over because I didn't have a front plate and says have a good night sir and goes to his car and thats it.... I'm bewildered and elated.... he never even asked me my name.

I was given the window decal by my co-workers friend due to the work we do and have never portrayed myself as law enforcement but this decal apparently holds weight. I was asked once if I was a LEO by a local officer and said no and told him the story behind the decal.... guy said good deal and keep up the good work.

Needless to say.... I played the lottery tonight.
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Dec 31, 2016
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I believe they tap the tail light to put their finger prints on it, that way if you take off they can identify the vehicle later via the officers prints

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