Escort RedLine-O (WB LNA, BS/RDR) vs DETC w/ECCM Active & ECCM Disabled

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    In response to this thread here ( Link: Beltronics Magnum Not Picking Up DALA Or DETC ) I got interested to see if the Escort / Beltronics M3 platform would properly detect and alert for LIDAR from the DragonEye Compact, LIDAR @ 904nm.

    My Escort RedLine was manufactured week 50 of 2016, and has a wire-bonded (WB) Low Noise Amplifier (LNA). It shipped from the factory with the Band Segmentation and Radar Detector Rejection firmware (BS/RDR).

    Here I show a video of me testing my RedLine's ability to detect and alert against an older DragonEye Technology's DragonEye Compact (DETC). I first test with ECCM anti-jam turned on, and then again with it turned off. Both times it was able to detect and alert to the DETC. I fumbled around the menus at first and didn't bother to edit that out... so not quite Vortex quality, but here it is nonetheless.

    I have a separate thread here showing the internals of this exact RedLine as well.
    Link: Opening up an Escort RedLine Manufactured Week 50 of 2016